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The Heads-Up Display (HUD) provides you with information regarding your character's current status and surroundings.

If you would like to take an in-game screenshot without the HUD being visible, you can use Camera Mode. This feature is accessed via the Social Panel or you can simply use the key as a shortcut on PC.

Heads-Up Display as seen in-game on PC
1 - Last Action
2 - Party
3 - Character
4 - Zone Compass
5 - Localized Compass
6 - Housing Plot Visitor
7 - New Mail
8 - Palia Time
9 - Quest Tracker
10 - Notifications
11 - Action Bar
12 - Active Tool
13 - In-Game Chat
HUD Ingame Labeled.png

Disclaimer:Foliage graphics have been set to Low Quality
("Pro" tip - This makes it easier to spot those fast moving crawling bugs among the blades of grass!)

Last Action

This shows the icon of the most recent Skill you have actively trained, along with the level of that skill and an indicator bar showing your progress towards the next level. The information will not change when a different tool is equipped, but rather it will update once you have looted items from using a given skill. In the example image above, you can see that Foraging Foraging was the most recent skill used, even though the character is equipped with a Bow. Once a felled target has been looted, this part of the HUD will update to reflect information about the Hunting Hunting skill. If then another flower is foraged, i.e looted, then that skill will again be shown.


After you have either joined or created a Party via the Social Panel, this is where all the names of the current party members will be listed. The Golden Crown indicates which player is the leader of the party.


This is where your character's name is shown. It is the same name that other players will see above your character's head. Below the name there is an indicator to show you the amount of Focus your character currently has available. Consuming Dishes and other edible foods will replenish depleted focus.

Zone Compass

The compass indicates the direction you are heading as you make your way around the map, along with icon indicators for nearby points of interest and positional markers of pinned targets. Aligning an icon with the compass center will ensure you are progressing in a direct path to your objective and in some cases will track the remaining distance to your target in meters.

Compass icons that you can encounter include the following:

  • Fast Travel.png Horseshoe icon indicates a nearby Fast Travel board
  • Waypoint Compass Marker Icon Ingame.png Arrow icon represents a pinned Waypoint that you have placed on the Map
  • Player Compass Marker Icon Ingame.png Green dot icon represents a member of your party
  • Kenyatta Quest.png Villager Icon to indicate quest objective
  • Villager Quest Progression Compass Marker Icon Ingame.png Villager Icon to represent quest related interaction needed, i.e. follow-up chat after quest completion
  • Quest Compass Marker Icon Ingame.png Flag icon for non-villager Quest Objective
  • Event Compass Marker Icon Ingame.png Whirl icon for event zone entry point, i.e. when Maji Market is available at the Fairgrounds
  • Zone Compass Marker Icon Ingame.png Door icon for different zone entry point

Search This Area Compass Glow Indicator Ingame.png
During a quest that involves a "Search This Area" type of objective, with a yellow circle marked on your map, your compass will take on a glow effect to indicate when you are in the correct area to begin your search.

Localized Compass

This additional compass is there to specifically indicate what cardinal direction you are currently facing.

Housing Plot Visitor

When a Villager is waiting for you at your Housing Plot, the house icon will be visible. When it first appears, the icon will pulsate a few times to help get your attention.

New Mail

When new mail arrives or you have unread mail, the mail icon will be visible. You can access your mail via the Mailbox on your Housing Plot. When initially triggered, the icon will pulsate a few times to help get your attention.

Palia Time

Here is where Palia's day and night cycles are tracked, with the arrow marker making its way around the clock to match the given in-game time shown below it.

For more information, see: Time Passage in Palia

Quest Tracker

This is where pinned Quests will be listed, along with their current objectives. You can check your Quest log to pin/unpin quests via the Player Menu using key on PC ( for Switch) or using the shortcut key on PC.


Notifications for the Social Panel and Player Menu are found here. If you receive a NEWS mail, there is a new Premium item for sale, or if you have recently received a friend invitation, these icons will be tagged with an indicator to alert you.

Action Bar

The Action Bar, or hotbar, shows one accessible row of the Backpack section of your Inventory. Once fully upgraded, you have access to up to 5 rows in total. You can opt to hide one or more rows, to prevent use of items in those rows, via the Settings menu. You can cycle through available rows using the mouse wheel on PC ( arrow buttons on Switch). The dots above the bar indicate which row you are currently viewing. Each slot of the currently visible row has a number associated with it. PC users can hit the corresponding number to use the item, i.e. consume a food.

Active Tool

This is where information about your currently equipped Tool is located. It has an indicator that tracks the remaining durability of the tool, if applicable. If it is a tool that uses Ammo, then the type of ammo currently in use will be shown, along with the remaining amount available. If no tool is currently equipped a default icon will be visible instead, with an Equip Tool shortcut key reminder.

In the example above, the currently equipped tool is a Makeshift version, which does not suffer durability loss. Below, you can see what the active tool part of the HUD would look like with an upgraded weapon that has suffered durability loss.

As well, below is what this same part of the HUD would look like if no weapon is currently equipped, plus two additions to the left of the active tool area, that are only visible while you are on your Housing Plot. These two extra indicators simply remind you of the shortcut keys that you can use to enter both the Grid Placement Mode (hand icon) and the Overhead view (or bird's eye) Housing Menu (house on foundation icon).
Unequipped and housing.png

For more information, see Customization.

In-Game Chat

The In-Game Chat is where you can see messages from the server and those posted by yourself and other players. The chat is hidden by default, but if another player posts a message in a channel you have access to, it will automatically pop up on its own. If left alone, it will fade back to its hidden state.

For more information, see: In-Game Chat