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Character Customization is the way to create your avatar in Palia.

Body Type

When you enter the game, in character creation the first thing you will find will be the type of body that your character will have.

  • This will not affect the character's pronouns.

Body General Customization

Face Shape

Once the body type is chosen, you will move on to the shape of your character's face, being able to choose from a wide variety.

Faces 1.png Faces 2.png Faces 3.png Faces 4.png

Skin Color

Here all the skin tones available for creating your character will be shown.

Skin Tones.png

Eyes Color

Here all the eye colors available for creating your character will be shown.

Eyes Color.png

Voice Tones

  • Once the eye color has been chosen, you will be given the option to choose your character's tone of voice. You will be given 5 female voices and 5 male voices of different pitches. The voices in your character will be used when climbing, jumping or doing some effort or animation.


  • In the following images you can see all the hairstyles available in Palia.

Hair Styles 1.png Hair Styles 2.png Hair Styles 3.png

Hair Colors

Jet Black Black
Blue Green
White Platinum
Blond Ash
Chestnut Mahogany
Chocolate Salmon
Honey Ginger
Rust Copper
Red Cherry
Pink Purple
Aqua Sage
Ice Lilac
Blush Bubblegum
Ruby Sapphire
Amethyst Emerald
Peridot Rose
Aquamarine Topaz
  • The colors above can be applied to three aspects of our hair: main color, highlight color and eyebrow color. We can also choose the pattern for the main/highlight colors.

Hair Color.png


  • In the new versions of the game, beards have been added.

Beard 1.png Beards 2.png


  • At the moment, these are the only facial accessories that we can put on our characters at the beginning:

Glasses 1.png Glasses 2.png




Update History

Build 0.172:

  • Tons of FREE customization options have been added to the wardrobe! 🧔
    • 11 new hairstyles
    • 8 more hair color options
    • 9 new facial hair options (under the Face Cover tab)
    • 3 new glasses