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The Furniture Store is a shop on the north side of Kilima Village run by Tish Profile.png Tish. It is located between the General Store and the Library. It can be identified by its forest-green roofing, large furniture-filled display windows and a plaque of a chair above its entryway.


Rotating Stock

Each day in Palia, the Furniture Store offers a new assortment of furniture pieces that can be purchased from the displays throughout the store. The Furniture Store selection resets at 3AM in Palia.

Here is a list of all possible items with their Furniture Store prices:

Icon Piece Cost
Bellflower Alarm Clock.png Bellflower Alarm Clock Gold.png 1,190
Bellflower Armchair.png Bellflower Armchair Gold.png 2,410
Bellflower Banner.png Bellflower Banner Gold.png 4,820
Bellflower Bed.png Bellflower Bed Gold.png 15,740
Bellflower Bookshelf.png Bellflower Bookshelf Gold.png 5,350
Bellflower Chandelier.png Bellflower Chandelier Gold.png 6,250
Bellflower Coffee Table.png Bellflower Coffee Table Gold.png 4,320
Bellflower Couch.png Bellflower Couch Gold.png 11,990
Bellflower Curtains.png Bellflower Curtains Gold.png 8,110
Bellflower Dining Chair.png Bellflower Dining Chair Gold.png 2,410
Bellflower Dining Table.png Bellflower Dining Table Gold.png 6,420
Bellflower Dresser.png Bellflower Dresser Gold.png 3,300
Bellflower Flower Planter.png Bellflower Flower Planter Gold.png 770
Bellflower Grand Fountain.png Bellflower Grand Fountain Gold.png 4,140
Bellflower Mirror.png Bellflower Mirror Gold.png 4,560
Bellflower Nightstand.png Bellflower Nightstand Gold.png 1,430
Bellflower Pantry.png Bellflower Pantry Gold.png 2,260
Bellflower Reed Planter.png Bellflower Reed Planter Gold.png 980
Bellflower Regal Fountain.png Bellflower Regal Fountain Gold.png 3,360
Bellflower Shrub Planter.png Bellflower Shrub Planter Gold.png 720
Bellflower Sink.png Bellflower Sink Gold.png 5,940
Bellflower Standing Lamp.png Bellflower Standing Lamp Gold.png 1,960
Bellflower Table Lamp.png Bellflower Table Lamp Gold.png 1,070
Bellflower Wall Cabinet.png Bellflower Wall Cabinet Gold.png 1,240
Bellflower Wall Shelf.png Bellflower Wall Shelf Gold.png 2,010
Bellflower Wardrobe.png Bellflower Wardrobe Gold.png 3,060
Capital Chic Armchair.png Capital Chic Armchair Gold.png 4,500
Capital Chic Bed.png Capital Chic Bed Gold.png 7,500
Capital Chic Cabinet.png Capital Chic Cabinet Gold.png 1,510
Capital Chic Chandelier.png Capital Chic Chandelier Gold.png 3,410
Capital Chic Coffee Table.png Capital Chic Coffee Table Gold.png 1,330
Capital Chic Couch.png Capital Chic Couch Gold.png 7,340
Capital Chic Dining Chair.png Capital Chic Dining Chair Gold.png 3,050
Capital Chic Dining Table.png Capital Chic Dining Table Gold.png 2,570
Capital Chic Fern Planter.png Capital Chic Fern Planter Gold.png 670
Capital Chic Kitchenette.png Capital Chic Kitchenette Gold.png 1,680
Capital Chic Large Shelf.png Capital Chic Large Shelf Gold.png 1,750
Capital Chic Mirror.png Capital Chic Mirror Gold.png 4,090
Capital Chic Nightstand.png Capital Chic Nightstand Gold.png 760
Capital Chic Pantry.png Capital Chic Pantry Gold.png 1,700
Capital Chic Planter.png Capital Chic Planter Gold.png 1,300
Capital Chic Round Mirror.png Capital Chic Round Mirror Gold.png 3,700
Capital Chic Shelves.png Capital Chic Shelves Gold.png 670
Capital Chic Sink.png Capital Chic Sink Gold.png 2,060
Capital Chic Small Shelf.png Capital Chic Small Shelf Gold.png 1,220
Capital Chic Table Lamp.png Capital Chic Table Lamp Gold.png 1,190
Capital Chic Wall Cabinet.png Capital Chic Wall Cabinet Gold.png 2,780
Capital Chic Wall Decor.png Capital Chic Wall Decor Gold.png 2,710
Capital Chic Wall Shelf.png Capital Chic Wall Shelf Gold.png 670
Capital Chic Wardrobe.png Capital Chic Wardrobe Gold.png 1,920
Dragontide Armchair.png Dragontide Armchair Gold.png 2,850
Dragontide Bed.png Dragontide Bed Gold.png 11,310
Dragontide Bookshelf.png Dragontide Bookshelf Gold.png 6,150
Dragontide Chandelier.png Dragontide Chandelier Gold.png 4,450
Dragontide Coffee Table.png Dragontide Coffee Table Gold.png 3,970
Dragontide Couch.png Dragontide Couch Gold.png 10,310
Dragontide Dining Chair.png Dragontide Dining Chair Gold.png 2,380
Dragontide Dining Table.png Dragontide Dining Table Gold.png 3,560
Dragontide End Table.png Dragontide End Table Gold.png 2,680
Dragontide Fern Planter.png Dragontide Fern Planter Gold.png 1,010
Dragontide Flower Planter.png Dragontide Flower Planter Gold.png 610
Dragontide Hanging Lamp.png Dragontide Hanging Lamp Gold.png 1,480
Dragontide Hedge Planter.png Dragontide Hedge Planter Gold.png 2,510
Dragontide Low End Table.png Dragontide Low End Table Gold.png 1,630
Dragontide Mirror.png Dragontide Mirror Gold.png 4,060
Dragontide Nightstand.png Dragontide Nightstand Gold.png 2,730
Dragontide Orchid Planter.png Dragontide Orchid Planter Gold.png 950
Dragontide Pantry.png Dragontide Pantry Gold.png 4,270
Dragontide Round Shelf.png Dragontide Round Shelf Gold.png 4,680
Dragontide Sideboard.png Dragontide Sideboard Gold.png 7,010
Dragontide Silken Chaise.png Dragontide Silken Chaise Gold.png 7,100
Dragontide Standing Lamp.png Dragontide Standing Lamp Gold.png 1,480
Dragontide Wall Clock.png Dragontide Wall Clock Gold.png 3,340
Dragontide Wall Fan.png Dragontide Wall Fan Gold.png 1,210
Dragontide Wall Lamp.png Dragontide Wall Lamp Gold.png 1,480
Dragontide Wardrobe.png Dragontide Wardrobe Gold.png 7,020
Homestead Alarm Clock.png Homestead Alarm Clock Gold.png 360
Homestead Amphora.png Homestead Amphora Gold.png 360
Homestead Armchair.png Homestead Armchair Gold.png 70
Homestead Banner.png Homestead Banner Gold.png 900
Homestead Barrel.png Homestead Barrel Gold.png 420
Homestead Bookshelf.png Homestead Bookshelf Gold.png 210
Homestead Candle Holder.png Homestead Candle Holder Gold.png 500
Homestead Candles.png Homestead Candles Gold.png 140
Homestead Carafe.png Homestead Carafe Gold.png 110
Homestead Casserole Dish.png Homestead Casserole Dish Gold.png 140
Homestead Ceiling Lamp.png Homestead Ceiling Lamp Gold.png 1,280
Homestead Coffee Table.png Homestead Coffee Table Gold.png 140
Homestead Cookware.png Homestead Cookware Gold.png 1,050
Homestead Cozy Chair.png Homestead Cozy Chair Gold.png 120
Homestead Desk Lamp.png Homestead Desk Lamp Gold.png 440
Homestead Dining Chair.png Homestead Dining Chair Gold.png 110
Homestead Dining Table.png Homestead Dining Table Gold.png 180
Homestead Display Case.png Homestead Display Case Gold.png 1,040
Homestead Dress Form.png Homestead Dress Form Gold.png 1,520
Homestead End Table.png Homestead End Table Gold.png 60
Homestead Ficus Planter.png Homestead Ficus Planter Gold.png 520
Homestead Floor Cabinet.png Homestead Floor Cabinet Gold.png 340
Homestead Flower Planter.png Homestead Flower Planter Gold.png 340
Homestead Harvest Wreath.png Homestead Harvest Wreath Gold.png 1,610
Homestead Large Bench.png Homestead Large Bench Gold.png 180
Homestead Large Dresser.png Homestead Large Dresser Gold.png 340
Homestead Large Jug.png Homestead Large Jug Gold.png 110
Homestead Large Lamp.png Homestead Large Lamp Gold.png 340
Homestead Large Pot.png Homestead Large Pot Gold.png 140
Homestead Lute.png Homestead Lute Gold.png 230
Homestead Medium Bed.png Homestead Medium Bed Gold.png 1,700
Homestead Medium Jug.png Homestead Medium Jug Gold.png 140
Homestead Medium Lamp.png Homestead Medium Lamp Gold.png 340
Homestead Mirror.png Homestead Mirror Gold.png 2,050
Homestead Nightstand.png Homestead Nightstand Gold.png 70
Homestead Pantry.png Homestead Pantry Gold.png 1,150
Homestead Pitcher.png Homestead Pitcher Gold.png 140
Homestead Reed Planter.png Homestead Reed Planter Gold.png 340
Homestead Sideboard.png Homestead Sideboard Gold.png 560
Homestead Small Bench.png Homestead Small Bench Gold.png 50
Homestead Small Bottle.png Homestead Small Bottle Gold.png 110
Homestead Small Dresser.png Homestead Small Dresser Gold.png 280
Homestead Small Jug.png Homestead Small Jug Gold.png 110
Homestead Small Lamp.png Homestead Small Lamp Gold.png 340
Homestead Small Pot.png Homestead Small Pot Gold.png 140
Homestead Standing Lamp.png Homestead Standing Lamp Gold.png 880
Homestead Stool.png Homestead Stool Gold.png 60
Homestead Tall Bottle.png Homestead Tall Bottle Gold.png 180
Homestead Tea Set.png Homestead Tea Set Gold.png 180
Homestead Thick Bottle.png Homestead Thick Bottle Gold.png 140
Homestead Tree Planter.png Homestead Tree Planter Gold.png 860
Homestead Wall Cabinet.png Homestead Wall Cabinet Gold.png 500
Homestead Wall Clock.png Homestead Wall Clock Gold.png 800
Homestead Wall Lamp.png Homestead Wall Lamp Gold.png 760
Homestead Wall Shelf.png Homestead Wall Shelf Gold.png 50
Homestead Wardrobe.png Homestead Wardrobe Gold.png 550
Homestead Wastebasket.png Homestead Wastebasket Gold.png 250
Industrial Armchair.png Industrial Armchair Gold.png 1,120
Industrial Bed.png Industrial Bed Gold.png 3,540
Industrial Bookshelf.png Industrial Bookshelf Gold.png 2,370
Industrial Cabinet.png Industrial Cabinet Gold.png 1,190
Industrial Chandelier.png Industrial Chandelier Gold.png 3,130
Industrial Coffee Table.png Industrial Coffee Table Gold.png 1,070
Industrial Couch.png Industrial Couch Gold.png 2,110
Industrial Dining Chair.png Industrial Dining Chair Gold.png 700
Industrial Dining Table.png Industrial Dining Table Gold.png 3,010
Industrial Dresser.png Industrial Dresser Gold.png 1,390
Industrial Ficus Planter.png Industrial Ficus Planter Gold.png 1,270
Industrial Kitchen Pantry.png Industrial Kitchen Pantry Gold.png 2,380
Industrial Mirror.png Industrial Mirror Gold.png 3,190
Industrial Nightstand.png Industrial Nightstand Gold.png 960
Industrial Sink.png Industrial Sink Gold.png 2,260
Industrial Wall Decor.png Industrial Wall Decor Gold.png 530
Industrial Wall Lamp.png Industrial Wall Lamp Gold.png 690
Industrial Wall Shelf.png Industrial Wall Shelf Gold.png 490
Industrial Wardrobe.png Industrial Wardrobe Gold.png 1,510
Kilima Banner.png Kilima Banner Gold.png 1,030
Kilima Bench.png Kilima Bench Gold.png 120
Kilima Candle.png Kilima Candle Gold.png 190
Kilima Couch.png Kilima Couch Gold.png 1,980
Kilima Drinking Horn.png Kilima Drinking Horn Gold.png 720
Kilima Fireplace Tools.png Kilima Fireplace Tools Gold.png 740
Kilima Fruit Basket.png Kilima Fruit Basket Gold.png 410
Kilima Horn Bottle.png Kilima Horn Bottle Gold.png 190
Kilima Inn Chezuu Game.png Kilima Inn Chezuu Game Gold.png 260
Kilima Inn Couch.png Kilima Inn Couch Gold.png 2,980
Kilima Inn Dining Chair.png Kilima Inn Dining Chair Gold.png 90
Kilima Inn Dining Table.png Kilima Inn Dining Table Gold.png 520
Kilima Inn Large Bottle.png Kilima Inn Large Bottle Gold.png 190
Kilima Inn Medium Bottle.png Kilima Inn Medium Bottle Gold.png 100
Kilima Inn Round Table.png Kilima Inn Round Table Gold.png 830
Kilima Inn Stein.png Kilima Inn Stein Gold.png 200
Kilima Inn Stool.png Kilima Inn Stool Gold.png 620
Kilima Lantern.png Kilima Lantern Gold.png 920
Kilima Large Banner.png Kilima Large Banner Gold.png 1,610
Kilima Large Lantern.png Kilima Large Lantern Gold.png 470
Kilima Small Lantern.png Kilima Small Lantern Gold.png 470
Kilima Succulent Planter.png Kilima Succulent Planter Gold.png 790
Kilima Teacup.png Kilima Teacup Gold.png 70
Kilima Teapot.png Kilima Teapot Gold.png 140
Kilima Tulip Planter.png Kilima Tulip Planter Gold.png 520
Kilima Wagon Wheel.png Kilima Wagon Wheel Gold.png 460
Kilima Wheat Planter.png Kilima Wheat Planter Gold.png 1,030
Log Cabin Armchair.png Log Cabin Armchair Gold.png 640
Log Cabin Bed.png Log Cabin Bed Gold.png 1,010
Log Cabin Bookshelf.png Log Cabin Bookshelf Gold.png 860
Log Cabin Chandelier.png Log Cabin Chandelier Gold.png 370
Log Cabin Coffee Table.png Log Cabin Coffee Table Gold.png 180
Log Cabin Couch.png Log Cabin Couch Gold.png 800
Log Cabin Dining Chair.png Log Cabin Dining Chair Gold.png 110
Log Cabin Dining Table.png Log Cabin Dining Table Gold.png 150
Log Cabin Double Gate.png Log Cabin Double Gate Gold.png 180
Log Cabin Fence 20x.png Log Cabin Fence 20x Gold.png 6
Log Cabin Folding Screen.png Log Cabin Folding Screen Gold.png 370
Log Cabin Garden Sernuk.png Log Cabin Garden Sernuk Gold.png 240
Log Cabin Large Bench.png Log Cabin Large Bench Gold.png 140
Log Cabin Large Torch.png Log Cabin Large Torch Gold.png 110
Log Cabin Log Carrier.png Log Cabin Log Carrier Gold.png 130
Log Cabin Nightstand.png Log Cabin Nightstand Gold.png 70
Log Cabin Outdoor Lamp.png Log Cabin Outdoor Lamp Gold.png 380
Log Cabin Planter.png Log Cabin Planter Gold.png 520
Log Cabin Short Lamp.png Log Cabin Short Lamp Gold.png 400
Log Cabin Sideboard.png Log Cabin Sideboard Gold.png 270
Log Cabin Small Bench.png Log Cabin Small Bench Gold.png 90
Log Cabin Small Torch.png Log Cabin Small Torch Gold.png 110
Log Cabin Standing Lamp.png Log Cabin Standing Lamp Gold.png 320
Log Cabin Stool.png Log Cabin Stool Gold.png 60
Log Cabin Stump Chair.png Log Cabin Stump Chair Gold.png 120
Log Cabin Swing Gate.png Log Cabin Swing Gate Gold.png 120
Log Cabin Wall Cabinet.png Log Cabin Wall Cabinet Gold.png 180
Log Cabin Wall Clock.png Log Cabin Wall Clock Gold.png 260
Log Cabin Wall Decor.png Log Cabin Wall Decor Gold.png 160
Log Cabin Wall Lamp.png Log Cabin Wall Lamp Gold.png 330
Log Cabin Wall Shelf.png Log Cabin Wall Shelf Gold.png 50
Log Cabin Wall Torch.png Log Cabin Wall Torch Gold.png 110
Log Cabin Wardrobe.png Log Cabin Wardrobe Gold.png 180
Moonstruck Bed.png Moonstruck Bed Gold.png 11,170
Moonstruck Bookshelf.png Moonstruck Bookshelf Gold.png 5,120
Moonstruck Chandelier.png Moonstruck Chandelier Gold.png 3,630
Moonstruck Coffee Table.png Moonstruck Coffee Table Gold.png 3,940
Moonstruck Couch.png Moonstruck Couch Gold.png 10,530
Moonstruck Dining Chair.png Moonstruck Dining Chair Gold.png 1,950
Moonstruck Dining Table.png Moonstruck Dining Table Gold.png 3,070
Moonstruck Fungi Planter.png Moonstruck Fungi Planter Gold.png 4,660
Moonstruck Lantern.png Moonstruck Lantern Gold.png 3,410
Moonstruck Nightstand.png Moonstruck Nightstand Gold.png 5,580
Moonstruck Sundial.png Moonstruck Sundial Gold.png 4,140
Moonstruck Table Lamp.png Moonstruck Table Lamp Gold.png 400
Moonstruck Wall Decor.png Moonstruck Wall Decor Gold.png 880
Moonstruck Wall Shelf.png Moonstruck Wall Shelf Gold.png 760
Moonstruck Wardrobe.png Moonstruck Wardrobe Gold.png 7,590
Ranch House Armchair.png Ranch House Armchair Gold.png 1,220
Ranch House Bed.png Ranch House Bed Gold.png 3,580
Ranch House Bench.png Ranch House Bench Gold.png 330
Ranch House Bookshelf.png Ranch House Bookshelf Gold.png 1,140
Ranch House Chandelier.png Ranch House Chandelier Gold.png 1,230
Ranch House Coffee Table.png Ranch House Coffee Table Gold.png 310
Ranch House Couch.png Ranch House Couch Gold.png 3,520
Ranch House Dining Chair.png Ranch House Dining Chair Gold.png 300
Ranch House Dining Table.png Ranch House Dining Table Gold.png 460
Ranch House Floor Cabinet.png Ranch House Floor Cabinet Gold.png 1,040
Ranch House Flower Pot.png Ranch House Flower Pot Gold.png 710
Ranch House Fountain.png Ranch House Fountain Gold.png 890
Ranch House Mirror.png Ranch House Mirror Gold.png 2,470
Ranch House Nightstand.png Ranch House Nightstand Gold.png 340
Ranch House Pantry.png Ranch House Pantry Gold.png 1,030
Ranch House Sink.png Ranch House Sink Gold.png 1,030
Ranch House Table Lamp.png Ranch House Table Lamp Gold.png 1,010
Ranch House Veggie Pot.png Ranch House Veggie Pot Gold.png 690
Ranch House Wall Cabinet.png Ranch House Wall Cabinet Gold.png 500
Ranch House Wall Shelf.png Ranch House Wall Shelf Gold.png 230
Ranch House Wardrobe.png Ranch House Wardrobe Gold.png 550
Ravenwood Armchair.png Ravenwood Armchair Gold.png 1,180
Ravenwood Candelabra.png Ravenwood Candelabra Gold.png 1,950
Ravenwood Chandelier.png Ravenwood Chandelier Gold.png 2,700
Ravenwood Console Table.png Ravenwood Console Table Gold.png 2,450
Ravenwood Couch.png Ravenwood Couch Gold.png 10,410
Ravenwood Dining Chair.png Ravenwood Dining Chair Gold.png 970
Ravenwood Dining Table.png Ravenwood Dining Table Gold.png 2,600
Ravenwood Floor Cabinet.png Ravenwood Floor Cabinet Gold.png 1,550
Ravenwood Floor Decor.png Ravenwood Floor Decor Gold.png 5,210
Ravenwood Flower Planter.png Ravenwood Flower Planter Gold.png 1,320
Ravenwood Folding Screen.png Ravenwood Folding Screen Gold.png 2,870
Ravenwood Lantern.png Ravenwood Lantern Gold.png 1,000
Ravenwood Large End Table.png Ravenwood Large End Table Gold.png 1,970
Ravenwood Mirror.png Ravenwood Mirror Gold.png 2,620
Ravenwood Nightstand.png Ravenwood Nightstand Gold.png 670
Ravenwood Pantry.png Ravenwood Pantry Gold.png 3,290
Ravenwood Silk Bed.png Ravenwood Silk Bed Gold.png 8,850
Ravenwood Small End Table.png Ravenwood Small End Table Gold.png 2,010
Ravenwood Spotlight Lamp.png Ravenwood Spotlight Lamp Gold.png 2,200
Ravenwood Standing Lamp.png Ravenwood Standing Lamp Gold.png 6,370
Ravenwood Vase.png Ravenwood Vase Gold.png 630
Ravenwood Wall Cabinet.png Ravenwood Wall Cabinet Gold.png 870
Ravenwood Wall Clock.png Ravenwood Wall Clock Gold.png 1,990
Ravenwood Wall Lamp.png Ravenwood Wall Lamp Gold.png 1,530
Ravenwood Wall Mirror.png Ravenwood Wall Mirror Gold.png 4,010
Ravenwood Wall Shelf.png Ravenwood Wall Shelf Gold.png 1,220
Ravenwood Wardrobe.png Ravenwood Wardrobe Gold.png 2,210

Actual selection may vary.

Material Store

Wallpaper, flooring, recipes, and supplies for the Modification Bench and Furniture Making at the Worktable are available for purchase at the in-store register.

Table collapsed due to its length, click expand to see the full list of register items.

Item Price  
Furniture Modification Kit Furniture Modification Kit Gold.png 100
Leather Leather Gold.png 70
Fabric Fabric Gold.png 190
Silk Silk Gold.png 900
Bahari Estate Wallpaper Bahari Estate Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Zeki's General Store Wallpaper Zeki's General Store Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
I'm Rather Cross Wallpaper I'm Rather Cross Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
A Little Jaded Tile Wall A Little Jaded Tile Wall Gold.png 2,500
Country Comforts Wallpaper Country Comforts Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Natural Wood Paneling Natural Wood Paneling Gold.png 2,500
Stained Wood Paneling Stained Wood Paneling Gold.png 2,500
Moss Listello Tile Wall Moss Listello Tile Wall Gold.png 2,500
Pastoral Beadboard Pastoral Beadboard Gold.png 2,500
Marble Wainscotting Marble Wainscotting Gold.png 2,500
Starry Night Wallpaper Starry Night Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Waves of Water Windows Waves of Water Windows Gold.png 2,500
Waves of Water Wallpaper Waves of Water Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Gypsum Flagstone Wall Gypsum Flagstone Wall Gold.png 2,500
Cooling Rustic Siding Cooling Rustic Siding Gold.png 2,500
Basketweave Wood Floor Basketweave Wood Floor Gold.png 2,500
Horizontal Wood Floor Horizontal Wood Floor Gold.png 2,500
City Hall Tile Floor City Hall Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Apothecary Stone Floor Apothecary Stone Floor Gold.png 2,500
Reclaimed Wood Floor Reclaimed Wood Floor Gold.png 2,500
Library Parquet Floor Library Parquet Floor Gold.png 2,500
Gold Manor Tile Floor Gold Manor Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Blue Madder Tile Floor Blue Madder Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Sienna Cubed Tile Floor Sienna Cubed Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Brass Brick Floor Brass Brick Floor Gold.png 2,500
Sunny Majiri Tile Floor Sunny Majiri Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Brass Furnace Tile Floor Brass Furnace Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Sandstone Swirl Tile Floor Sandstone Swirl Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Golden Ripple Tile Floor Golden Ripple Tile Floor Gold.png 2,500
Hexagonal Mixed Floor Hexagonal Mixed Floor Gold.png 2,500
Mirthful Mosaic Wallpaper Mirthful Mosaic Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Woven Barkcloth Wallpaper Woven Barkcloth Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Flowering Field Wallpaper Flowering Field Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Vibrant Threads Wallpaper Vibrant Threads Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Floral Felicity Wallpaper Floral Felicity Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Wading Hibiscus Wallpaper Wading Hibiscus Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Fanning Leaves Wallpaper Fanning Leaves Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Simple Diamond Wallpaper Simple Diamond Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Noble Bloom Wallpaper Noble Bloom Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Spring Blossoms Wallpaper Spring Blossoms Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Riveting Twines Wallpaper Riveting Twines Wallpaper Gold.png 2,500
Emberborn Wall Emberborn Wall Gold.png 2,500
Lockbox Storage Chest Lockbox Storage ChestRecipe
Gold.png 1,000
Copper Storage Chest Copper Storage ChestRecipe
Gold.png 25,000
Iron Storage Chest Iron Storage ChestRecipe
Gold.png 50,000
White Picket Fence White Picket FenceRecipe
Gold.png 150
White Picket Double Gate White Picket Double GateRecipe
Gold.png 150
White Picket Swing Gate White Picket Swing GateRecipe
Gold.png 150



Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Price of Leather in the Material Store changed: Gold.png 60Gold.png 70
  • Price of Silk in the Material Store changed: Gold.png 580Gold.png 900
  • White Picket Fence recipes are now available at Tish’s store.