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Initial, multi-use crafter used to make furniture, hunting supplies, tools, etc.

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain

The Worktable is given to the player during the introductory Quest: Welcome to Palia.

Additional Worktables can be purchased at the Blacksmith for 200 Gold.



Standard Axe Standard Axe
Fine Axe Fine Axe
Exquisite Axe Exquisite Axe
Standard Pick Standard Pick
Fine Pick Fine Pick
Exquisite Pick Exquisite Pick
Standard Rod Standard Rod
Fine Rod Fine Rod
Exquisite Rod Exquisite Rod
Standard Hoe Standard Hoe
Fine Hoe Fine Hoe
Exquisite Hoe Exquisite Hoe
Standard Watering Can Standard Watering Can
Fine Watering Can Fine Watering Can
Exquisite Watering Can Exquisite Watering Can
Standard Bow Standard Bow
Fine Bow Fine Bow
Exquisite Bow Exquisite Bow
Minor Rod Health Booster Minor Rod Health Booster
Standard Belt Standard Belt
Fine Belt Fine Belt
Exquisite Belt Exquisite Belt
Repair Kit Repair Kit
Makeshift Arrow Makeshift Arrow
Standard Arrow Standard Arrow
Slowdown Arrow Slowdown Arrow
Fine Arrow Fine Arrow
Dispel Arrow Dispel Arrow
Standard Smoke Bomb Standard Smoke Bomb
Sneaky Smoke Bomb Sneaky Smoke Bomb
Sticky Smoke Bomb Sticky Smoke Bomb
Supreme Smoke Bomb Supreme Smoke Bomb



For more information, see Furniture Crafting Catalog.

Update History

Build 0.177:

  • Players who play on PC should now be able to multicraft again.

Build 0.173:

  • The Workbench will now automatically scroll to the last recipe you crafted when accessing it again.
    • For example, if you were crafting a Ravenwood Flower Planter, then opened the workbench to craft again, it will now automatically scroll back down to that recipe! 🙌

Build 0.170:

  • Additional sorting options have been added to the workbench.
    • You can now sort your recipes by Alphabetical, Reverse Alphabetical, Ready to Craft, and Never Crafted.

Build 0.169:

  • In the workbench, tool recipes have been moved out of the “Equipment” tab and will now have its own tab.
    • We wanted to reduce the amount of scrolling Palians were doing to craft more common recipes, like Ammo and Bug Bombs.
    • Their new location is under a new “Tools” tab.

Build 0.168:

  • ⚒️🎉It’s finally here: You can now multi-craft recipes from the Workbench! 🎉⚒️
    • You can increase or decrease the amount of times the recipe is crafted using the buttons, or type the value in the field directly.
    • The limit is up to 99 times per crafting action.
    • This should apply to every recipe, so whether it’s Standard Arrows, or Log Cabin Garden Sernuks, have at it*!
      • So long as you have enough required ingredients.
Dev Update September 2023
  • On last Patch’s episode, you saw our first step towards improving the experience with the Workbench when we introduced the ability to multicraft. This update means you can now craft multiple batches of ammo, decor, furniture, and anything else you can find at the Workbench in quantities up to 99, instantly, as long as you have the materials. Coming up next, you can look forward to even more improvements, including sorting options and updated tabs with several other additional changes to follow in patches beyond that.