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Build 0.177 is an Open Beta Update (#13) that was released on March 1, 2024 for Palia.


PatchNotes177 1.png

📸Screenshot taken by TinyHydra

It’s Bug-Hunting Season!

As promised in our last dev update, this patch is dedicated to squashing a whole lotta bugs that have been reported to us by the players! Of course, we just couldn’t help ourselves and decided to add in some new features and content we know Palians all over are sure to enjoy. That includes not one, not two, but THREE new decor sets! Take a look.

At a Glance

  • Several new decor sets, including the steampunk-inspired PalTech set. ♨️
  • Tons of new found item quests, featuring your favorite villagers! 📜
  • Even more wallpapers, and the ever-coveted Pavilion add-on. 🌿
  • Now open: a direct route to Bahari Bay from your housing plot! 🚪
  • Updates to mining nodes, which now behave more like forageables! ⛏️
  • Over 250 bugs have been fixed! 🐛


New Features & Updates


Just in time for Palia on Steam... unlock the PalTech set today!

Looking to fancy up your dinner parties? We got you with the Gourmet set! 🍽️

PatchNotes177 KitchenDecor 1 .png

Rummage Piles have been added to Bahari Bay.


  • You can discover items from the new Flotsam Furniture Set (see below).
  • This also includes 13 new Found Item Quests that are exclusive to this area!

Style your housing plot with the nautical-themed Flotsam decor set! 🐬


The Pavilion is now purchasable at City Hall.


  • Give your garden and outdoor area a ✨glow up✨ with this wonderful new building add-on!

Several new wallpapers have been added to the game.



Luna New Year and the Maji Market have come to an end.

PatchNotes177 8.png

Thank you to everyone who participated in this second iteration of the Maji Market. Seeing all the positive reactions and fun everyone had (with the Hotpot mini-game especially!) has been an incredible experience. We fully intend to have the market return again, even bigger and better with all our learnings. Please look forward to more Events for Palians to enjoy.

Bok Choy Seeds, Napa Cabbage Seeds, and Soy Sauce are now purchasable at Zeki’s Store.

With the conclusion of Luna New Year, these crops are now accessible alongside other crops within Zeki Profile.png Zeki's Store.

* Please note, this has always been the intention to make it available in the General Store following the end of Maji Market, but it was reported differently in the previous patch notes. It has since been corrected, and we apologize for the misunderstanding. *

Several Dish Recipes introduced in Luna New Year are now accessible at Reth’s food counter in the Inn.

You can now go directly to Bahari Bay from your Housing Plot!

  • Some folks might have noticed some new map additions we snuck in the last patch... well now it’s official! This shortcut will allow you to quickly access Bahari Bay, free of charge. 🏃

PatchNotes177 BahariEntrance 1 .png

Mining nodes will now behave more like forageable items—once a node is cleared, it’ll remain available to other users and disappear after a set amount of time.

Here’s how it works:

  • All players who participate in mining a node will get full loot participation. This behavior is the same as before.
  • After it is looted, players who participated will see a ghosted version of the rock, indicating that it is available for others to acquire. Mining nodes that have been mined by other players will show an added glow effect, indicating that it was already mined by other players and will eventually despawn.
  • Mining nodes that are close to despawning will pulse more rapidly to indicate that the node is close to despawning
  • This change affects all mining nodes outside of the housing plot
“We’ve been seeing how players react to Palium nodes, and understand how important it is that people don’t feel burdened into playing a specific way. With these changes, you can call out a node and move on without feeling pressured to wait for other players. This feedback has been very valuable to us, and we hope to continue improving things in a way that supports a variety of playstyles.”

- S6 Forseti

Forageable items will now also have a “despawn” glow effect after being foraged on other players’ screens.

We’ve extended the duration flare arrows stay active to support the change to mining nodes.

  • Flare arrows will now last up to 3 minutes.
  • ⚠️Note: Each player can still only have one active flare arrow at a time.

The Chatbox and Social Panel has been removed from the Lobby screen at the start of the game.

Premium Store Updates

Five New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store.


  • Featured Outfit: The Astronomer bundle(Palia Coin.png 2,550 Palia Coins/Outfit - Palia Coin.png 5,100 Palia Coins/Bundle) includes Star Chart, Constellation, and Draco outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a face mask, top and bottom.
    • Equipping the top will have starry-themed effects appear when you idle!


  • The Cottage Witch bundle (Palia Coin.png 2,550 Palia Coins/Outfit - Palia Coin.png 5,100 Palia Coins/Bundle) includes Nettle Scone, Toadstool Tartlet, and Foxglove Cake outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat, top and bottom.
  • The Timely Tailor bundle (Palia Coin.png 1,275 Palia Coins/Outfit - Palia Coin.png 2,250 Palia Coins/Bundle) includes Fine Chap, Good Fellow, and Lovely Lad outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a top and bottom.
  • The Kilima Cook bundle (Palia Coin.png 1,275 Palia Coins/Outfit - Palia Coin.png 2,250 Palia Coins/Bundle) includes Delaila’s Ranch, Ashura’s Inn, and Badruu’s Garden outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat, top and bottom.
  • The Strapped In bundle (Palia Coin.png 1,275 Palia Coins/Outfit - Palia Coin.png 2,250 Palia Coins/Bundle) includes Urban Ruins, Neon Nightlife, and Garden City outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a face mask, top and bottom.

Top Bug Fixes

Our devs scrubbed over 250 Known Issues in this patch. Oh. My. Dragon! Listed below are the ones we feel are worth celebrating. 🎉

⭐ The Biggest Fixes ⭐

  • We've made some fixes so that cross-region traveling should see some improvements!
  • Our last patch we made sweeping improvements to our Accomplishments and Achievements. These should now be working as expected, but if you see continuing issues please let us know!
  • Quest Icon.png Silver-winging It Quest - Zeki Profile.png Zeki has finally realized he’s been missing, and will appear after activating the flowstone gate, allowing you to progress!
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck under the terrain in the Slide Puzzle room in the Temple of the Gales, meaning they could not access the NPCs behind the closed door. They should now be able to progress properly! (And not fall into the floor.)
  • We also fixed the lighting in the Temple of the Flames on the sliding puzzle - no longer will you need to fumble in the dark for that sweet Kitsuu.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use their equipped tool after talking with any villager.
  • Fixed an issue where the fishing reticle was not showing when fishing.
  • Players who play on PC should now be able to multicraft again.
  • Tish Profile.png Tish has been getting stuck on some player's housing plots - we've finally managed to convince her to scoot along.
  • Auni Profile.png Auni's Jar of Shimmerflies Jar of Shimmerflies now has shimmerflies. Rejoice, jar lovers!
  • Badruu Profile.png Badruu's "New Lute" should now be placeable.
  • Fixed many issues players were experiencing with missing or disappearing decor items. Einar Profile.png Einar's pebble pebble being a major culprit! They should now stay on your plot properly.
  • Fixed a bug where holding an input while starting a cooking minigame would lock the player in the minigame.

Gameplay 🏃‍♀️

  • Fixed an issue with Azure Chapaa clones - they should now properly disappear when shot with non-dispel arrows.
  • Fixed an issue where Apples were not applying the correct gardening buff.
  • Chili Oil Dumplings Chili Oil Dumplings should no longer require only Bok Choy Bok Choy.
  • Rummage Pile items were triggering inspiration and granting recipes when they should not. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where insects were spawning on top of a tree when using a Honey Lure.
  • The Dowsing Rod Dowsing Rod should now recognize star-quality foragables.
  • Auto Run should now be able to be triggered when playing with a controller. Press in on the right-stick to enable
  • The Order Furniture Set should now count towards Weekly Challenges.
  • Bahari Bay - Pond” at the Central Stables was acting like a river, and river fish could be caught. We successfully reminded the fish that it is a pond, and the proper fish should be able to be caught.
  • When using a Honey Lure Honey Lure in the Dragon Shrine, all of the insects that arrived were getting stuck up on top of a tree. We’ve released them from Maji’s grasp. Fixed an issue where players could not delete items from storage when in an overflow state.
  • Fixed an issue where the timer for Flipping during the cooking minigame was getting stuck for all players if one player exited the mini-game.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Players should now be able to cook Grilled Meat Grilled Meat on the campfire. Hodari Profile.png Hodari rejoices.

Quests 🔍

You can now “Place the Pie” for the Quest Icon.png Hunger Pains quest.

Social 💬

  • Fixed an issue where accents on letters were being removed from chat.
  • Fixed an issue where, once you've removed someone from your plot, you could not give them permissions to come back.

Housing 🏡

  • Fixed an issue where some wall menus could be unavailable after placing a Bay Window.
  • Fixed an issue where, when using the menu in housing, and also using a controller, zooming in would result in some wonky camera and controller behavior.
  • Sometimes when selecting door types for a back-wall hallway attachment, the doorway would not accurately configure.
  • There was a noticeable framerate drop while passing by Zeki Profile.png Zeki's house. We’ve fixed this strange space-time-continuum issue.
  • The Spicerack Spicerack was clipping inside walls when placed. It should no longer clip.
  • Sick Style Bahari Board did not have collision. It now can be run into.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Rock Garden was difficult to move or pick up in Placement Mode.
  • The Log Cabin Outdoor Lamp Log Cabin Outdoor Lamp can now be turned on AND off.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't pick up their Tent.
  • Fixed an issue some players were experiencing where all their fence placement was misaligned.

Game Events 🏮

  • Luna New Year exclusive dishes were apparently loved not only by our players, but also our Villagers! They were appearing in Villager Weekly Wants – but it appears their cravings are now satisfied, and they will no longer want them weekly.
  • The Pan Fried Dumplings Pan Fried Dumplings recipe is no longer missing 3D models when placed in the pan during cooking.

Around the world 🗺️

  • Wheat crops on the Daiya Family Farm were a bit inconsistent with collision. We’ve removed all the collision from the wheat. Run free, little Palians!
  • Fixed an issue where there was missing collision on the left side of the Outskirts in Bahari Bay.
  • We chopped down the floating tree east of Hideaway Bluffs.
  • We knocked down the invisible wall at the Inn that was preventing players from joining Reth behind his counter.
  • The large purple book in Caleri Profile.png Caleri's Restricted Section lacked collision. It should now have expected collision.

Cosmetics 👗

  • Removed a non-functioning ‘Return to Wardrobe’ button that appeared after buying an outfit in the Premium Store.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skin Tab UI icon appeared low resolution when the player was browsing the Skin Tab of the Character Creation Menu.
  • Fixed an issue when players pressed Esc on the Character Creation Menu prior to selecting a body type, they were brought to an error screen that read "No Matching Results. Try different filters or check out the store!"
  • Many instances in the Character Creation menu were not properly translated. They should now be fixed.
  • The Ruffled Redingote was missing a choker necklace, which should now be back.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the Pet Accessory slot remained highlighted when the player was clicking and dragging other accessories.
  • Fixed an issue where the character preview was off the screen, or completely invisible.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed an issue where repeatedly the button when entering the Premium Shop caused the shop menu to become unresponsive to most controls.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed an issue where the Premium Store did not indicate how to switch between Swatches in Outfit Preview.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed an issue where the Character Creator Screen flashed with other menus for few seconds.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed a bug where, after backing out of appearance selection, new options could not be highlighted until the selected tab was changed.

Visual, Audio, and Menus 👀

  • Subira Profile.png Subira was very excited to join Kilima. So much so that sometimes, when players completed the quest Quest Icon.png Your Order is Served, the Subira Cinematic was playing in a loop.
  • We resolved the missing visual effects from the Mural in the Night Sky Temple. It should now be lovely and glowy as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Gift Hint” button was missing its hover text.
  • The compass' text should now be a little larger, and easier to see.
  • Fixed an issue where, when entering dialogue with an NPC, either the "Gift" or "Gift Hint" buttons were greyed out.
  • Fixed an issue in the relationship panel, when hovering moving the mouse inside Level Reward Icons, duplicate tooltips would appear.
  • The Point Of Interest icons on the world map should no longer overlap any NPCs with a quest marker icon.
  • Fixed a visual issue where an unexplained white border was on the d-pad icon in the puzzle mini-games for Temples.
  • The Makeshift Window Shelf’s in-game appearance was different from the icon. This should now be uniform.
  • The "Palcat Plushie Palcat Plushie" description was not translated for our non-English friends. This is now fixed.
  • The Building Limit tooltip - was still displaying a max of 15 buildings. This has been corrected.
  • The Modbench action text was intersecting with icon in languages other than English. This should now look nice and neat.
  • Fixed an issue where some sound effects sounded muffled.
  • Adjusted some of our languages so that the text should no longer overflow off of buttons.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Bellflower Bed Bellflower Bed, where it appeared to have too few polygons.
  • Visual effects are no longer missing from Autocrafters. Shiny! ✨
  • Fixed an issue where, when interacting with multi-step cooking recipes, new prompt options appeared (such as chopping meat to rolling out noodles.) The visible prompts weren’t updating to the new prompt until the player moved away, and came back.
  • Fixed an issue where, when trying to refill your watering can anywhere but the pond, the error would display twice.
  • The mouse cursor was sliding out of the game window when playing in windowed mode. It should now stay within the confines of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where weekly challenge progress visuals were temporarily disappearing when scrolling down and up in the Accomplishments menu.
  • Fixed an issue where, after jumping, the player animation would pop while running and changing directions.
  • Fixed an issue where the display Buttons were not greyed out or removed when a tool was being used.
  • Fixed an issue where the fully built Pavilion beams on players' Housing Plots were missing texture.
  • When exiting the mode on your housing plot, sometimes the blue border around your visible screen would stay. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where, when opening your storage, the “Open” prompt was missing the “A” keybind element.
  • Fixed an issue where, when mining, the cracks were not registering on the node itself. Instead, it was appearing next to the nodes. We’ve fixed the laws of physics and these should now be properly showing on the crushed rocks.
  • The checkmark was hard to see on recipes that have already been crafted. This has been adjusted for easier viewing.
  • We helped our poor lil’ Chapaas, where they would get stuck in a looping 'escape' animation, without anyone having scared them.
  • Fixed some visual texture bugs plaguing the cliffs of Bahari Bay.
  • Fixed an issue where, when speaking to villagers through their door, they were floating in the void. They will now have a lovely background.
  • The housing plot Chimney Smoke is not, in fact, a new art installation. It should now properly look like smoke.
  • Fixed a visual hole in the ground behind Chayne Profile.png Chayne's Apothecary in Kilima.
  • Fixed a visual bug at the Cliffside on the south side of Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Village.
  • Rocks near the Decrepit Docks appeared to be floating.
  • Somehow, sunlight was appearing in the Temple of the Waves, near the exit door. We’ve patched that roof, and sunlight will no longer trickle in.
  • Fixed a clipping issue at the rock outside of Einar's cave.
  • Fixed an issue where the Emote Wheel was incorrectly highlighted under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an audio bug where cinematics’ audio wasn’t syncing properly.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg - The multiplayer fishing buff was showing in two spots at the top left of the screen after catching a fish with another player. This should now only show once.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed an issue where unwanted icons of Additional Stations were displayed in the cooking station menu during cooking.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg The button ' Sort' was being displayed in the Campfire menu and could not be pressed.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg and were not greyed out when the chat was open. They should now be greyed out properly.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg The button prompt for safe storage in the autocrafters menu was missing in action, but we found her and put her back. Players can now read the quantity text inside item slots.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Items descriptions were appearing too fast when navigating item menus. We’ve slowed them down.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg When choosing ammunition, the button prompt was showing a “square” surrounding an ‘A’. It is now properly a circle.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed Tamala's necklace, and it should no longer jitter around her neck.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg When entering Bahari Bay, some of the structural features in the background (such as the rock arch) could be seen popping in an out of existence. This behavior has been corrected.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Sabine's Portrait was missing in the Inn. We’ve returned her to her rightful place above Ashura.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed an issue where, when the game was launched, the “Press Any Button” prompt was not centered.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed a visual bug where the the ‘close button’ was incorrectly displayed on screen when touching the screen in the map menu.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed some visual issues when logging in on the Switch.

Miscellaneous bugs 🐞

  • Menu elements were getting offset after moving the game window while playing in Windowed Mode. This behavior should be fixed.
  • The Lucky Quill Lucky Quill (Quest Item) was pretending to be able to be placed on the housing plot, by entering placement mode when selecting it. This is now fixed, - and shouldn’t trigger placement mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become stuck and invisible while interacting with Collections or the Premium Store while playing the Heavy Metal Chapaa game.
  • The Blanket Storage Basket Blanket Storage Basket now has a period at the end of its item description.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg Fixed an issue where, when playing the Temple of the Flames or Temple of the Waves puzzles, the selected puzzle piece was not being highlighted. Pressing the Esc Key on the “Village Values” screen was progressing the player to the Character Creation Menu. This has been fixed.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg When creating an account, and when skipping account linking, there was a brief error message before logging into the game. This should be a smooth process now, and no error messages should pop up.
  • Nintendo Switch.svg The functions of the button and the button appeared to be swapped in the Inventory. This is now corrected.

Top Known Issues

⚠️ Achievement progress is not correctly persisting when accessing the same account on different machines, such as from PC to PC, or PC to Switch.

  • Rest assured: Your Achievements are still there, even if you can’t see them on a specific system.

⚠️ Players may see an error code “409” when adding friends to their friends list. This is due to players having more than 200 friends or pending friends. We’re working on adjusting this error to be more communicative.

⚠️We have a couple bugs related to Requests, which is impacting our player’s ability to use this feature:

  • Players may be unable to request any items in the Social Panel.

⚠️QualityUp Fertilizer QualityUp Fertilizer and SpeedyGro Fertilizer SpeedyGro Fertilizer do not boost garden crops, sometimes. It’s a little inconsistent when this appears, so make sure you’re submitting tickets if this happens to you!

⚠️ The dialogue is not translated to non-English languages in our new Category:Found Item Quests. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.

⚠️ We are aware of two visual bugs in the Premium Store when trying on items: Face covers (such as masks) will continue to appear on your character when trying on other outfits.

  • Your character may appear with a default or generic appearance when accessing the Premium Store, that does not reflect your customization. You should see your character properly once you exit!