Azure Chapaa

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For more information, see Chapaa (Species).

The Azure Chapaa is a huntable creature in Palia.


Azure Chapaas are white and grey, with blue markings on their fur. They are capable of creating illusionary clones of themselves in order to escape.


The Azure Chapaa can be found in the southeastern part of Bahari Bay, between Hodari and Najuma's House and the Windy Ruins.

There is also a small chance for an Azure Chapaa to spawn in a Flow Tree Grove, anywhere around Bahari Bay in general.


When startled, the Azure Chapaa will duplicate itself, creating approximately 3 other clones which will all flee from potential threats together.

The Azure Chapaa's clones can be identified by striking them with an arrow, which causes them to briefly disintegrate into a cloud of magic dust before retaking form.

The cloning ability can be disabled with a Dispel Arrow Dispel Arrow, if shot before the Azure Chapaa notices the player. The Azure Chapaa will continue to flee for a set amount of time before its clones disappear and the Chapaa burrows away.

If an Azure Chapaa is active with clones already running, then shooting it or one of the clones with a Dispel Arrow Dispel Arrow will cause the clones to disappear, and the Azure Chapaa will become dazed for a very short period of time.


Azure Chapaas have 55 Health and require four hits with Standard Arrows or three hits with Fine Arrows to be felled.

Shooting the clones does not deplete the Azure Chapaa's energy.