Bahari Bay

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Bahari Bay is one of the maps in Palia.

Interactive Map

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"Clickable Image"Central Stables (Bahari Bay)Coral ShoresAncient AquaductProudhorn PassFlooded FortressLighthouse LagoonHodari and Najuma's HouseBeachcomber CovePavel MinesTamala's HouseThorny ThicketPulsewater PlainsSunken CityFlooded StepsThe OutskirtsHideaway BluffsStatue GardenThe Old Light HouseKilima ValleyHassian's GroveWindy Ruins
Bahari Bay. Clicking on a location on the map will bring you to the appropriate page.

List of Locations in Bahari Bay

Main Locations

Fast Travel Locations

Notable Locations

Villagers Rooms

Update History

Build 0.177:

  • Now open: a direct route to Bahari Bay from your housing plot! 🚪

Build 0.166:

  • Fixed a number of Heat Root spawn points that were inaccessible.
  • Reduced the density of forage spawning on the beach.
  • Slightly decreased forage spawning in the Meadows.
  • Sharply increased forage spawning in the Forest.
  • Added several more locations for forage, insect, hunting creatures, and mining nodes to less populated areas
  • Moderately increased Iron spawning across the zone.
  • Increased the number of Fishing hotspots in the Pavel Mines.
  • We will continue evaluating the availability and distribution of resources in future patches. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on this matter.