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This article is for the species of Chapaa. For the huntable creature, see Chapaa.

These little critters are found all over Palia, and are a bit of an invasive pest! They have been known to steal important items, and get into all sorts of mischief. Hunting them will grant you fur and yummy meat.

Almanac of Palia

The Chapaa are one of creatures found in Palia.


Name Locations Picture
Chapaa Kilima Valley: Locations to be added here Spotted Chapaa.png
Striped Chapaa Kilima Valley: Locations to be added here

Bahari Bay: Pulsewater Plains

Striped Chapaa.png
Azure Chapaa Kilima Valley: Locations to be added here

Bahari Bay: Locations to be added here

Azure Chapaa.png





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Chapaa are often remarked as invasive species not native to the region of Kilima. Nearly 20 years ago, they were introduced by Mayor Kenli who wanted several as pets, only to escape captivity and populate in the wild[1].



Update History

Build 0.167:

  • In Bahari Bay, several adjustments have been made to the higher-tier Chapaas to make hunting here more rewarding for higher level hunters.
    • ⬇ Decreased the amount of lower-tier Chapaa appearing
  1. Backbone of the Community quest
  2. [1]