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Kilima Valley is one of the maps in Palia.

Kilima Valley is a sprawling, peaceful region that is bordered by an impressive mountain range to the north and the shores of Kilima Lake to the south. In the center of the valley lies the quiet and quaint Kilima Village and surrounding villager homes. Directly east of the village, across the bridge over the eastern river, is the path that leads to Bahari Bay. To the far southeast is the path leading to the Fairgrounds. With its rolling hills, blooming meadows and winding rivers, Kilima Valley boasts a number of notable, scenic locations.

Interactive Map

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"Clickable Image"Hekla's TentFurniture StorePhoenix FallsLeafhopper HillsTailorBlacksmithCity HallWhispering BanksChayne's HouseMirror FieldsGeneral StoreHousing PlotFisherman's LagoonOuter DocksZeki's HouseMirror Pond RuinsLibraryTavernRemembrance GardenCentral StablesNight Sky TempleReflection FieldsApothecaryEinar's CaveElouisa and Caleri's HouseTish's HouseBahari BayMaji's HollowSifuu's HouseMayor's EstateGillyfin CoveChapaa CrossingRemembrance BeachAuni's TreehouseDaiya Family Farm
Kilima Valley. Clicking on a location on the map will bring you to the appropriate page.

List of Locations in Kilima Valley

Main Locations and Landmarks

View of Kilima

Fast Travel Locations

Notable Locations

Villager Rooms

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Update History

Build 0.166:

  • Increased the frequency at which Clay spawns substantially
  • Reduced the density of forageables across Kilima
  • Decreased the spawn density of hunting creatures a bit in Kilima for a better hunting experience
  • Reduced the density of insects across Kilima so they are less concentrated in certain locations
  • Increased the number of Fishing hotspots in the Mirror Pond Ruins