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The Blacksmith in Kilima Village

The Blacksmith is a shop on the south side of Kilima Village run by Sifuu Profile.png Sifuu. It is located next to the Tavern. It can be identified by the smokestacks, large door-less entrance, and centrally located repair station.


Tools can be repaired at the anvil in the center of the room using Repair Kits Repair Kits or Gold Gold.

The Blacksmith also sells a variety of materials used by recipes at the Worktable, and for Furniture Making.

Register Inventory

Product Price
Heartwood Plank Heartwood Plank Gold.png 8
Sapwood Plank Sapwood Plank Gold.png 4
Copper Bar Copper Bar Gold.png 120
Iron Bar Iron Bar Gold.png 260
Ceramic Ceramic Gold.png 20
Stone Brick Stone Brick Gold.png 10
Glass Pane Glass Pane Gold.png 50
Glass Bulb Glass Bulb Gold.png 140
Worktable Worktable Gold.png 200



Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Price for Copper Bar changed: Gold.png 80Gold.png 120
  • Price for Iron Bar changed: Gold.png 170Gold.png 260