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The Player Menu is a menu in Palia. The Player Menu has multiple tabs including inventory, map, quests, community, relationships, and accomplishments. Additionally, news, collections, and the premium store can be accessed from here.


The Inventory tab shows important information such as tools, levels, currencies, and items.

The Inventory tab can be quickly accessed by pressing / on PC, and by pressing , hovering "Inventory", then on Nintendo Switch.

Player Menu Annotated.png

1 - Tools

The Tools section shows all of the tools that the player has, as well as their durability statuses. Additionally, tools can be dragged and drop to change their locations on the tool wheel.
For more information, see Tools.

2 - Skill Levels

The Skill Levels section shows each of the eight skills in Palia. Each skill is represented by an icon surrounded by a wheel, which shows the current level progress, the current skill level, and the number of Skill Medals that you have per each skill. These Skill Medals can be redeemed at various guild stores for items such as furniture items, recipes, and equipment.
For more information, see Skills.

3 - Character Preview

Here, you can see your character's avatar.

4 - Level & Focus

Here, you can see your overall skill level, represented by the large number on the left. This number is calculated by adding up each of the skill levels.
Next, you can see your player name as well as your personality type. There are four different signs that can appear here: Air.png Air, Earth.png Earth, Fire.png Fire, and Water.png Water. Your specific sign is correlated to which personality type you most resonate with when selecting specific dialogue choices.
Below your player name is your Focus bar. You can see what your current focus level is, as well as the maximum possible focus.
For more information, see Focus.

5 - Currencies

The Gold.png icon shows how much gold you currently have. You can earn gold by selling items. This number is capped at 300,000.
For more information, see Gold.
The Renown.png icon shows how much renown you currently have. You can earn renown by levelling up, developing relationships with villagers, completing quests, and completing accomplishments. This number is capped at 1,000.
For more information, see Renown.
The Palia Coin.png icon shows how many Palia Coins you currently have. You can earn Palia Coins by purchasing them from the Currency Store using real money.
For more information, see Palia Coins.

6 - Accessories

The Accessories section shows your currently equipped accessories such as fishing attachments, gliders, and pets.
For more information, see Accessories.

7 - Items

The Items section shows the current contents of your Backpack, Ammo Pouch and Quest Pouch.
For more information, see Inventory.

9 - Trash

The Trash Button.png Trash Button allows for items to be dragged and dropped to it to be permanently deleted.


The Map tab shows the map of the current area that you are in.

The Map tab can be quickly accessed by pressing on PC, and on Nintendo Switch.

For more information, see Map.

Map Menu.png


The Quests tab shows all of your quests. You can select one of your quests to display more information in the right hand panel, including the quest description, current objectives, and rewards.

The Quests tab can be quickly accessed by pressing , hovering "Quests", then on Nintendo Switch.

For more information, see Quests.

Quests Menu.png

1 - Pinned Quests

The Pinned dropdown shows all of your pinned quests.
Pinning a quest allows for it to show up on your in game screen without having to open the quest menu for information. You can have up to three pinned quests at once and you can change them out whenever desired.
Pressing the Pinned.png button will unpin your quest, moving it to its respective dropdown.

2 - Main Quests

The Main dropdown shows all of your active main quests.
Pressing the Unpinned.png button will pin your quest, moving it to the Pinned dropdown.

3 - Discovery Quests

The Discovery dropdown shows all of your active found item, friendship, and romance quests.
Pressing the Unpinned.png button will pin your quest, moving it to the Pinned dropdown.

4 - Completed Quests

The Completed dropdown shows all of your completed quests.


The Community tab shows your current community. If you are not currently a member of a community, you will be able to create one here as well as see community invites.

For more information, see Communities.

Create A Community.png


The Relationships tab shows your current friendship and relationship statuses with each villager.

The Relationships tab can be quickly accessed by pressing , hovering "Relationships", then on Nintendo Switch.

Relationships Menu Annotated.png

1 - List of Villagers and Relationship Overview

Here, you can see a quick overview of your friendship and romance levels with each villager, as well as if you have chatted with them today.
The Daily Dialogue.png icon next to a villager indicates that you have not yet chatted with them today.
A blue bar next to a villager indicates the friendship level, a pink bar indicates the romance level, and a yellow bar means that it is maxxed out.

2 - Villager Card

A more detailed view of the villager. A description indicating how the villager feels about you is located here.

3 - Daily Gift

This box indicates whether the player has given the villager a gift that day. Once they've received a gift, the box displays a green check. Daily gifts reset every real world day, at 4:00 AM UTC.

4 - Weekly Wants

These four boxes show the weekly wants the villager has requested. The boxes display question mark icons until the player has discovered their wants through conversations with them or their friends, after which they are replaced by icons of the requested item. The first want can always be discovered every week, while the following three are faded out until you've increased their friendship level. The thumbs up icons in the upper left corner of each box indicate whether the requests are likes or loves: one thumbs up for like, double thumbs up for love. After giving them a requested item, the matching icon will be marked with a green check. Weekly Wants reset Monday at 4:00 AM UTC.

5 - Progression

Shows the current friendship and romance levels as well as their current progression. You can also see which rewards you will receive at each level.


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Premium Store

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