Skill Medals

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Skill Medals are a type of currency in Palia.

Medals are unlocked at level 10 for each individual skill, and are capped at 2,000 medals per Skill.

Skill Medals cannot be traded, gifted or otherwise shared with other Players, and do not take up any space in storage.

Earning Skill Medals

As an example, starting at level 10 Hunting, the Player will receive Hunting Medal 10 Hunting Medals for each level gained in Hunting going forward. This is true for each individual skill. The Player can earn additional skill medals by completing Weekly Challenges for the respective skill.

Spending Skill Medals

Skill Medals can be spent at each skill's respective Guild Store, accessed directly through their corresponding Villager representative. They are used to acquire skill-specific basic items, such as Equipment, Dishes, Gatherables, Materials and more. They are also used to obtain exclusive skill-specific Customization items.

Tracking Skill Medals

Skill Medals are not physical items, so the amount of skill medals The Player has accrued for each skill is tracked in the Player's Inventory and related interfaces.

The Different Skill Medals

Skill Medal Skill Spending
Currency Cooking.png Cooking Medal Cooking Cooking Guild
Currency Hunting.png Hunting Medal Hunting Hunting Guild
Currency Bug.png Bug Catching Medal Bug Catching Bug Catching Guild
Currency Gardening.png Gardening Medal Gardening Gardening Guild
Currency Foraging.png Foraging Medal Foraging Foraging Guild
Currency Fishing.png Fishing Medal Fishing Fishing Guild
Currency Furniture.png Furniture Making Medal Furniture Making Furniture Making Guild
Currency Mining.png Mining Medal Mining Mining Guild