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As you begin your journey in Palia, you'll automatically be introduced to the people of Palia. They are found all over the world and guide you along through many Quests, which include learning the skills and getting settled in your new home. Many Villagers also have their own Stores. Tish's Furniture Store for example sells fabric-related items and Zeki's General Store sells a variety of items from seeds to flowers. As you get closer to particular Villagers you can increase your Friendship level or even start a Romance.


Weekly Wants

Every week, each villager has up to four Weekly Wants. These are gifts they're looking for that can only be given once a week. They refresh at 9pm PST on Sunday.

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Luna Signs

Most of the villagers have a Luna Sign, per Palian Astrology. This corresponds with their Path and the wallpaper they give you upon receipt of the first gift you give them.

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