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For the related skill, see Gardening.

Crops are fruit, vegetables, and other cultivated plants, that can be grown and harvested on tilled Soil. Crops require seeds to be started from, can be used as ingredients in Cooking, and can be Gifted to villagers.

List of Crops

Icon Crop Description Rarity Garden Buff Harvest Time Base Value SQ.png Value
Apple.png Apple Crunchy when raw and sweet when cooked, an apple a day keeps the healer away! Eat up! Uncommon Growth Boost 12+6+6+6 Days Gold.png 64 Gold.png 96
Blueberry.png Blueberry Feeling blue? Grab a handful of blueberries. They're sure to make you smile raw or baked! Uncommon Growth Boost 9+3+3+3 Days Gold.png 39 Gold.png 58
Bok Choy.png Bok Choy Not only is this veggie thick and juicy, but healthy too. Get your daily dose of vitamins with each crunch! Common Weed Block 3 Days Gold.png 30 Gold.png 45
Carrot.png Carrot This sweet, orange, carrot will improve your eyesight, raw or cooked. It's full of vitamin see! Common Weed Block 3 Days Gold.png 23 Gold.png 34
Corn.png Corn A lot of corny puns could describe this corn, which can be eaten raw or cooked. Common Harvest Boost 5 Days Gold.png 40 Gold.png 60
Cotton.png Cotton Fluffy cotton can be spun into fabric. This crop is not edible. Don't say you weren't warned. Common Quality Boost 5 Days Gold.png 45 Gold.png 67
Napa Cabbage.png Napa Cabbage Leafy, green, and the freshest on the scene, napa cabbage is just what you need. It's delicious and nutritious no matter how you cook it! Common Water Retain 6 Days Gold.png 40 Gold.png 60
Onion.png Onion Cooked onions lend fragrant base to any dish. But some folks prefer them raw. Like Nai'o. Common Weed Block 4 days Gold.png 30 Gold.png 45
Potato.png Potato Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew! Versatile potatoes add heartiness to any cooked meal. Common Water Retain 5 Days Gold.png 45 Gold.png 67
Rice.png Rice Need a satisfying, fluffy, grain to cook your dish? Well, it's rice to meet you! Uncommon Harvest Boost 3 Days Gold.png 27 Gold.png 40
Spicy Pepper.png Spicy Pepper These spicy peppers got a sick burn. Most people cook them. The truly brave eat them raw. Uncommon Quality Boost 6+3+3+3 Days Gold.png 32 Gold.png 48
Tomato.png Tomato This juicy, red tomato may have a saucy attitude, but it tastes great either raw or cooked. Common Water Retain 4+2+2+2 Days Gold.png 23 Gold.png 34
Wheat.png Wheat Fee, fi, fo, fum! Don't you worry your pretty head, just grind this wheat to bake your bread. Uncommon Harvest Boost 4 Days Gold.png 33 Gold.png 49

Update History

Build 0.169:

  • You can now destroy crops.
    • Despite all the meticulous planning involved, sometimes things happen where you just plant the wrong seed accidentally!
    • With the Hoe tool selected, hold right click over the specific slot you wish to remove the seed from.
      • You have to fully complete the animation for it to be destroyed.
    • And if you are wondering, no, you will not get the seed back. Please still be mindful when deciding what to plant!
      • “Need more seeds? Consider buying them at Zeki’s!” - Zeki
  • When you’re online, crops will now continue growth without requiring you to visit your Housing Plot. 🌱
    • This change is meant to alleviate the pressure some folks were feeling in needing to check in to their housing plot every Palian Day.
      • Now, you can adventure around without too much worry! Just don’t forget to keep your crops watered when they need it.
    • Note: As a reminder, the maximum stage of growth a crop can go through (minus bonuses/fertilizer) is 1 stage per Palian day.