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Soil is a crafter used in gardening.


Place it in your yard to expand your gardening capabilities.

–In-Game Item Description

Soil is essential for gardening, as it enables the growth of crops that build the Gardening skill. Each soil supports 3x3 slots to plant crops, and multiple soil can be placed next to each other to combine into one cohesive farmland. Soil must be tilled before crops can be planted on it. Using a hoe on soil reveals plantable tiles, and can sometimes reveal buried objects. You can have a maximum of 9 soil plots total.


First and second soil are free, gifted by Badruu during the Gardening 101 quest. After that, you buy the next ones from Badruu's Guild Store.

# Soil Cost
3 Gold.png 250 Gold
4 Gold.png 500 Gold
5 Gold.png 750 Gold
6 Gold.png 1,000 Gold
7 Gold.png 1,500 Gold
8 Gold.png 2,000 Gold
9 Gold.png 3,000 Gold