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For the related skill, see Foraging.

Gatherables are gatherable items in the world of Palia. More details about each item can be found on its respective page.

List of Gatherables

Image Name Description Rarity Obtain Location Value SQ.png Value
Briar Daisy.png Briar Daisy The mountainous Briar Daisy can survive even the harshest conditions. Uncommon Foraging
Bahari Bay Gold.png 23
Brightshroom.png Brightshroom Brightshrooms get their glow from absorbing Flow and thus have many alchemical uses. Rare Foraging Guild
  • Foraging.png 6
Bahari Bay Gold.png 60 Gold.png 90
Coral.png Coral Bring the beach home with you with this piece of coral. You can almost smell the reef! Uncommon Foraging
Bahari Bay Gold.png 24
Crystal Lake Lotus.png Crystal Lake Lotus The Crystal Lake Lotus was named after where it was discovered and is now used to make dyes. Uncommon General Store
  • Gold.png 40
Kilima Valley Gold.png 23
Dari Cloves.png Dari Cloves The rare Dari Clove is a spice loved by chefs and alchemists alike. Said to have magical properties. Epic Foraging Guild
  • Foraging.png 12
Bahari Bay Gold.png 145 Gold.png 217
Dragon's Beard Peat.png Dragon's Beard Peat Dragon's Beard Peat is a rare, alchemical, moss named for its color, which resembles Maji's. Rare Foraging Guild
  • Foraging.png 8
Bahari Bay Gold.png 60
Emerald Carpet Moss.png Emerald Carpet Moss Filling your home with the bright color of Emerald Carpet Moss is said to bring good luck. Uncommon Foraging
Kilima Valley Gold.png 23
Green Pearl.png Green Pearl Holy mother of Green Pearl! You actually found one! Epic Unopened Oyster
Quest - The Path Less Traveled
Bahari Bay Gold.png 295
Heartdrop Lily.png Heartdrop Lily The Heartdrop Lily is a rare flower with a special meaning to Palians: the blossoming of romantic love. Epic Foraging Guild
  • Foraging.png 20
Bahari Bay Gold.png 100
Heat Root.png Heat Root Don't sweat it! Whether it's cooking or healing, spicy Heat Root will warm you up from the inside out. Rare Foraging Guild
  • Foraging.png 6
Bahari Bay Gold.png 60 Gold.png 90
Mountain Morel.png Mountain Morel A common mushroom. Mountain Morels can be found right at home! Super popular, raw or cooked. Common General Store
  • Gold.png 16
Kilima Valley, Bahari Bay Gold.png 11 Gold.png 16
Pearl.png Pearl Here's a pearl of wisdom: open more oysters for a chance at other colors of pearls! Rare Unopened Oyster
Quest - Fork in the Path
Treasure Chests
Bahari Bay Gold.png 115
Shell.png Shell Who sells sea shells by the seashore? No one. You had to find this yourself. Common Foraging
Bahari Bay Gold.png 12
Spice Sprouts.png Spice Sprouts Spice Sprouts will lend a rich color and earthy flavor to any dish. And they're pretty easy to find, too.. Uncommon General Store
  • Gold.png 30
Kilima Valley Gold.png 23 Gold.png 34
Sundrop Lily.png Sundrop Lily The Sundrop Lily grows in open fields where it can turn its petals to the sunlight. Common General Store
  • Gold.png 20
Kilima Valley, Bahari Bay Gold.png 11
Sweet Leaf.png Sweet Leaf Those with sweet teeth will love this Sweet Leaf, one of Palia'a favorite dessert ingredients. Uncommon Foraging Guild
  • Foraging.png 3
Bahari Bay Gold.png 23 Gold.png 34
Unopened Oyster.png Unopened Oyster Open up this oyster! Even if you don't find a pearl, you can at least eat it. Common Foraging
Bahari Bay Gold.png 11
Wild Garlic.png Wild Garlic Garlic is a delicious addition to any dish you cook! Or can be eaten raw to perfume one's breath. Uncommon General Store
  • Gold.png 46
Kilima Valley, Bahari Bay Gold.png 23 Gold.png 34
Wild Ginger.png Wild Ginger Spicy, sweet, and healing, ginger is valued for both it's medicinal and culinary uses. Just don't eat them raw. Uncommon Foraging
Kilima Valley Gold.png 23 Gold.png 34
Wild Green Onion.png Wild Green Onion No meal is complete without a sprinkle of green onion. Chop them up and add them to your dishes to unlock a world of flavor. Uncommon Foraging
Kilima Valley Gold.png 11 Gold.png 16