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The Heartdrop Lily is a flower in Palia.


The Heartdrop Lily is a rare flower with a special meaning to Palians: the blossoming of romantic love.

–In-Game Item Description

Upon reaching Friendship Level 3 with an eligible villager, a Heartdrop Lily can be given to begin Romancing that villager.



The Heartdrop Lily is an elusive flower, and can be found tucked away on on hills cliffs within Bahari Bay.
North of Statue Garden toward the hillside is a known location for spawning.
They can also be purchased with Currency Foraging.png 20 Foraging Medals at the Foraging Guild Store.

It can also be obtained as a reward from a quest Fishing for Answers.

Before it is picked, the heartdrop lily has a musical chime sound. When picked by player, a 5-minute despawn timer begins and the model pulses with light, flashing more quickly until it despawns. During this time other players can still pick the lily.

Notes and Tips

Experience from gathering Heartdrop Lily counts towards the following accomplishments:


This is a special gifting item. For more information, see Romance.

Heartdrop Lily is used to craft a Quest Item:

  • Mysterious Potion Mysterious Potion
  • Pin for Hassian Pin for Hassian
  • Pin for Hodari Pin for Hodari
  • Pin for Subira Pin for Subira



Heartdrop Lily is not used in any Bundles.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Value changed:
    • Basic: Gold.png 40Gold.png 100