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Focus is a mechanic in Palia.

It’s important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your skills, and it’s always easier to focus on a full stomach. Eating meals or raw food will increase your Focus, giving you a bonus for all experience gained. If you’re struggling to find recipes to cook, check in with Reth at the Ormuu’s Horn Inn for some tips.

–Almanac of Palia


Gaining Focus is as simple as eating. When you earn experience, some of your Focus is consumed to increase the total amount of experience received.

The amount of Focus spent is based on your current Focus Bonus. For example, if you gain 10 XP with a 50% Focus Bonus, you will gain an extra 5 experience and lose 5 Focus.


If you notice you’re not gaining any new experience while you’re completing skills, make sure to check your focus bar. If it’s empty - grab something to eat! Don’t work on an empty stomach!

–Palia Website

Food items that can be eaten are labeled with a purple "up" arrow. Some examples are shown in the above image.

Eat food to fill your Focus meter, shown on the top left of your display. Dishes give the most Focus, but some Ingredients like Milk, Mushrooms, Vegetables, or Fruit will also grant some Focus. Edible items that grant focus (and other items that grant a beneficial effect when consumed) are designated by a purple arrow when viewed in the player's inventory or storage.

Renown Renown can be spent to alter your focus: the Dragon Shrine will increase your Max Focus, and the Phoenix Shrine will increase your Focus Bonus.

Max Focus

Max Focus is the amount needed to fill your Focus bar completely. Every character starts with 200 Max Focus. The first increase is free, increasing your Focus bar to 300. The limit to Max Focus is 1,000. Max Focus can be increased at the Dragon Shrine in Maji's Hollow.

  • It will cost Renown.png 100 Renown for every Focus.png 50 Focus that you gain.
  • After 500 Focus, each gain is only Focus.png 25 Focus.
  • After 750 Focus, each gain is only Focus.png 10 Focus.
  • To reach the maximum of 1000 Focus, the Player must increase a total of 40 times.

The total cost to reach the Max Focus limit is Renown.png 3,900 Renown.

Focus Bonus

Focus Bonus is the amount of Focus gained from eating food, and the amount of XP gained when utilizing Skills. Each character starts with a 20% Focus Bonus, which means you will gain 20% experience while using any skill. The first increase is free, increasing your Focus Bonus to 25%. The maximum Focus Bonus is 100%. Your Focus Bonus can be increased at the Phoenix Shrine, located in Phoenix Falls.

  • It will cost Renown.png 100 Renown for every 5% bonus that you gain.
  • At 50% Focus Bonus, each gain is only 2.5% Focus Bonus.
  • At 75% Focus Bonus, each gain is only 1% Focus Bonus.
  • The Player can increase the bonus a total of 41 times.

The total cost to reach the maximum Focus Bonus is Renown.png 4,000 Renown.


  • Keeping track of your gained Max Focus and your Focus Bonus will prove beneficial in the long run, as the differences between each bonus may not be apparent until a player is far into the game. Increased Max Focus will provide a full Focus bar for much longer. However, an increased Focus Bonus increases gained experience, and your Focus bar will deplete much faster. This will require eating far more often to maintain your Focus bar. Praying to both shrines equally will make adjusting to the increases much more manageable.