Phoenix Shrine

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The Phoenix Shrine is a landmark hidden behind Phoenix Falls, in north Kilima. It is a shrine to Embra, the human's creator, also referred to as the Great Phoenix. It is where The Player and other humans first emerge after mysteriously re-appearing in Palia. Its main feature is the huge phoenix statue sitting amongst the ruins, lit by braziers of magenta flames. The Phoenix statue is crumbling but several times the size of the player and made of white and gold material. Around the cave are the overgrown remains of an ancient human structure and pottery. Near the statue are a couple of worktables and tools, likely placed by Jina Profile.png Jina and Hekla Profile.png Hekla as they studied the ruins.


The shrine is located deep in the mountains behind Phoenix Falls, north of Kilima Village. To access the shrine, the player must cross the bridge by Phoenix Falls and walk through the cave until they reach the entrance to a long tunnel moving towards the north, to the right of the entrance to the Temple of the Waves. At the end of the tunnel is the cave ruins where the Phoenix Shrine resides.


Once completing the Quest Icon.png The Phoenix Shrine quest, the player can commune with the statue forRenown.png 100 Renown to increase their Focus bonus.

Every character starts with a 20% Focus Bonus, and gets the upgrade for free as part of the Quest Icon.png The Phoenix Shrine quest. Afterward, they can spend Renown.png 100 Renown for a 1-5% bonus increase, the percentage depending on how much bonus they already have. To get to 100% Focus Bonus, it costs a total of 4,000 Renown. See the Focus page for more details.

Phoenix Shrine on the Kilima Valley map