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Your entire civilization was built on folly. No offense.


Humans are a formerly-extinct race in Palia, having been wiped out thousands[1] of years ago.

In the present day, humans have re-appeared in historic sites in Palia. Jina located The Player in the ruins of the Phoenix Shrine after triggering a magical event.


At some point in the past, humans either created or utilized Galdur to perform specific tasks, ranging from fishing and nannying to larger responsibilities such as running schools and cities. When humans went extinct, Galdur such as Einar continued their obligation to fulfill these duties, while inactive Galdur such as Hekla remained dormant until awakened by outside forces.

Many humans paid respects to Embra, the Phoenix.


  • Frosttide - a winter celebration


We didn't know a lot about the shadow creatures, but figured they'd be pretty bad at solving riddles.

–An Old Letter in the Library Ruins

There are many different theories as to what happened to humans. Elouisa states humans were thought to be wiped out by a meteor, but secretly lived in an underground boiling lake until re-emerging.

Jina states that the extinction occurred gradually after something happened near Kilima Valley, and that humans encountered a "shadow presence" before going extinct. Many humans took shelter in the end times, as evidenced by notes left in the Temple of the Waves and in the Ancient Library.

The ruins in Bahari Bay contain a memorial to the extinction of humanity, stating that humanity's misuse of Flow led to their destruction.


We who remain shall remember: this is the ruin using Flow can bring.

–Statue in Bahari Bay

Remnants of humanity are still visible in Palia. Physically, human ruins are present throughout both Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. Jina speculates that much of Kilima Valley was once a human university, as evidenced by the note in the library ruins.

The extinction of humanity brought about a major stigma regarding the use of Flow, including the development of The Order to ensure Majiri do not use Flow.