Temple of the Waves

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Temple of the Waves

The Temple of the Waves is an ancient temple located at Phoenix Falls on the north side of Kilima Valley, containing an Ancient Library that is discovered by the Player and Jina.



The Temple of the Waves is located to the left of the Phoenix Shrine, past a door. Players can access this place after using the battery to repair the broken door.





Ancient Tomes

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I often pondered why this temple was built here, of all places. I believe I finally found my answer. Flow, in its raw form, is so powerful... and here... it has combined with the water. Together they have evolved into something else. I'll have to study it more to get better answers.

- E.W.

Ancient Tome:

Ancient Tome

We have been here too long. Without the sun, I cannot say how long. I simply know it has been too long. You can tell by the looks on other's faces - hunger, fear, anger. They are being consumed by emotion.

They have left us with more questions than answers, so the only response is fear.

Ancient Tome:

Ancient Tome

I sit here, waiting. Wondering.
I wonder whether you made it to one of the other temples in time.
I wonder whether those temples help us at all.
I wonder when we will see each other again.

Dear Glauca, if you are reading this - know the one thing I do not wonder about is our love.

No matter how angry the others here get, it is that love that keeps me grounded.

I hope, somehow or another, that you can feel it too. We will meet again one day.



Green Shiny Pebble

- Take the geyser and glide away from the courtyard onto a balcony that is across the familiar water door and geyser.

Ancient Treasure Chests

Look behind the right waterfall.
  • Unopened Oyster 5 Unopened Oyster
  • Gold.png 20 Gold

Land in the courtyard and enter the open doorway. Go up the stairs.
Go up the stairs past the geyser and look down over the railing.


Water in this location has the same fish spawn pool as the Caves Biome, with the addition of the Sea of Stars quest starter and the Ancient Fish.