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Ancient Battery is a Main Quest given by Jina.


Find the door under the waterfall near the Phoenix where you first met Jina. Interact with the door to see if the battery can open it. If you have trouble finding the door, look for the quest marker on your map or compass.


Part 1

  • Try the battery on the door behind the waterfall.

Part 2

Press "F" to enter the door and search the area to discover its secrets.

  • Explore the chamber inside the door.

Part 3

Solve the riddle to get deeper inside the chamber. Maybe Jina has some ideas?

  • Solve the riddle.

Part 4

You solved the riddle and opened up the mysterious chamber. Good job! Talk to Jina to see what's next.

  • Talk to Jina in the mysterious chamber.

Part 5

Jina wants to know how far back this chamber goes. Scout ahead and report back.

  • Scout as far in as you can go.
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During Quest

At Quest Completion


  1. Head over to Phoenix Falls as if you were going to the Phoenix Shrine. Instead of turning right, head straight and you will come to a large brass door that is broken.
  2. Interact with the Broken Door and enter the Temple of the Waves. Admire what you see ahead of you and explore.
    • Have the quest item Ancient... Thing? in your inventory to unlock the door. Or you will receive a message.
  3. Read the plaque on the large brass door and solve the riddle.
    • Riddle solution: Equip the watering can and pour water into the brass bowl. Watering cans can be filled from the small pools of water nearby.
  4. Once you get the brass door open, Jina and Hekla will come rushing to see what happened inside. Talk to Jina about the mysterious chamber.
  5. Jina will ask you to scout up ahead. Go explore once more!
    • Don't forget to interact with the Phoenix Statue and the Headless Statue in the next room. Don't forget to admire the scenery as well as looking beyond the ledge.
  6. Go back to Jina and tell her about your findings.

Dialogue and Mail


Letter from Jina

Dear (Player),
I've been doing a lot of digging on the Flow battery you found.

Humans used to use these to power all sorts of things...

You know, there's this old door under the waterfall that I've been trying to open. It's just a little ways past the shrine we first met at. I've tried all sorts of things to get it open. Maybe this battery could be the key...

Why don't you give it a try? This place used to belong to your people after all. You really should be the first one to check it out.

Jina Profile.png Jina


Upon speaking to Jina about the mysterious chamber

You actually did it! I heard the rumbling and came running.
This place is amazing! It must've been some kind of temple...
Can you actually read the carvings on the walls? This is ancient Human writing!
Actually, no. That makes perfect sense. You're a Human. Of course you can read your own language!
You scout ahead, Hekla and I will survey this room to see what we can learn.

Upon speaking to Hekla

You ok? You seem quiet.
We should not be here...
Especially not Jina.
What? Why?
This... this is a sad place.
I am prohibited from saying more at this time.
I am sorry. Please do not ask me any more questions.


Upon returning to Jina

I found something up ahead...
What is it?

A huge cliff...
A cliff? Intriguing... perhaps there was some sort of collapse...

Some big ruins.
A ruin? Intriguing... perhaps this was a temple...

I wouldn't try navigating that area without a glider.
You'll need to speak with Najuma about building you one.
She usually hangs around Bahari Bay.


Temple Details and Inscriptions

Solving the Riddle


  • Players will automatically accept the quest Quest Icon.png Like a Bird upon completing this quest.

Update History

Build 0.170:

  • Known issue; Not-good, but playable
    • When completing the quest “Ancient Battery”, there is no text in the pop-up. There are no further steps you need to take!

Build 0.166:

  • Changed rewards for Objective Part 3 and completion to current rewards.

Build 0.165:

  • Introduced.