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Renown is the second-most common currency in Palia. Among other things, it can be used to influence the speed of experience gained by the The Player.

The amount of renown the Player can retain is capped at Renown 9,999 Renown.

Renown cannot be traded, gifted or otherwise shared with other Players, and does not take up any space in storage.

Tracking Renown

Renown is not a physical item, so the amount of renown the Player has accrued is tracked in the Player's Inventory. It can also be viewed in General Storage, Safe Storage, and at any of the Stores.

Earning Renown

Renown can be earned by raising Friendship levels with Villagers, completing Accomplishments, leveling Skills, filling Player Requests, and completing Quests.

Other means of obtaining Renown can include limited-time activities, such as the Luna New Year Wish Tree that can award Renown as a fulfilled wish during the event.

Spending Renown

After completing The Dragon Shrine quest, the Player can spend Renown at the Dragon Shrine to increase their total maximum Focus.

After completing The Phoenix Shrine quest, the Player can spend Renown at the Phoenix Shrine to increase their Focus bonus.

For more information, see Focus.

After starting the Strong Foundations quest, Renown can be spent at City Hall for Writs that are used to unlock undeveloped land on the Player's Housing Plot, and to purchase select Roofing and Wallpaper.

Update History

Build 0.180:

  • The Renown limit has been increased
    • 1,000 -> 9,999