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Luna New Year is an event that takes place at Maji Market in the Fairgrounds, accessed in the southeast corner of Kilima Valley.


The hotpot is bubbling, the lanterns are lit, the chapaas are chirping, and that can only mean one thing: the Maji Market is in town and ready to celebrate the Luna New Year!

For one month, the Kilima Village Fairgrounds will host the Maji Market, a lively night market full of food, games, and festivities to welcome the Luna New Year, a time of new beginnings and community. Join the Palian residents during this limited-time event and take part in all the customs and traditions of the holiday. Pull up a seat, grab a snack, and learn all about what this installment of the Maji Market brings.


You will receive a letter from Kenli to let you know the Maji Market is in town. The Fairgrounds will be open from 6:00 PM - 3:00 AM Palia Time, so be sure to check it out as soon as it starts getting dark. Once you get to the Fairgrounds, you’ll be able to partake in the 3-act quest line, Quest Icon.png New Year, New Wishes, where you can help Zeki learn the meaning of making a wish. There will be fan favorite activities returning, such as chapaas to chase and cards to stamp. There will also be fresh new features to keep you entertained, including a dazzling new prize wheel and various hotpots where you can "cook up" some extra fun (and event currency!).

Chapaa Chase


A returning Maji Market amusement, Chapaa Chase is a multiplayer activity where participants must run around the fairgrounds collecting escaped chapaas to earn Lucky Envelope.png Lucky Envelopes.

Hotpot Minigame


On the docks of the Fairgrounds, you'll find large hotpot tables, where you can join others to participate in the new Hotpot Minigame. Once you get the hang of it, you can potentially earn yourself large amounts of Lucky Envelope.png Lucky Envelopes.

Stamp Cards


If you are unsure of what to do while visiting the market, be sure to check the Events tab to review the current Stamp Cards. These cards not only provide you with specific goals to accomplish, they also reward you handsomely for your efforts!

Wish Tree


At the center of the festive fairgrounds, you’ll see the magnificent Wish Tree, full of ribbons, color, and hopes for the new year. To celebrate prosperity and bring good luck, join in on the Maji tradition of making wishes and who knows — your wish might even be granted! Each real-world day upon login, you’ll receive a letter from Chayne that includes a wish ribbon. Bring your Wish Ribbon to the Fairgrounds during the Luna New Year celebration to make your wishes.


Dye your ribbon at the dye station and bring it to the tree, which shows a special cutscene interaction. The following night, check in by the Wish Tree, at a small shrine, to see if Maji granted your wish!

  • Ribbon dyed blue will grant a Gift of Luck Gift of Luck that awards the player with Lucky Envelope.png 200 Lucky Envelopes
  • Ribbon dyed orange will grant a Gift of Prosperity Gift of Prosperity that awards the player with Gold.png 200 Gold
  • Ribbon dyed pink will grant a Gift of Longevity Gift of Longevity that awards the player with Renown.png 5 Renown

Villager Wishes

Blessings for My Son
 «  Ashura  » 

The only thing I want is for my son to have a blessed year. I hope life in the Capital is treating him well.

Give Me a Boost!
 «  Auni  » 

All I wish for this year is to grow 2 inches taller. Soon enough, Nai'o's going to be asking ME for help getting stuff from the top shelf!

Double the Harvests
 «  Badruu  » 

This coming year, I wish for double our harvests. It's about THYME we BEET our personal record!

Elusive First Edition
 «  Caleri  » 

There is but one thing I ask for this year, and it is to find the first edition for the book I've been searching so fervently for... It's so close I can feel it within my reach.

Fortune and Fulfillment for All
 «  Chayne  » 

I only have one with[sic], and it is for everyone's wishes to come true. May the coming year be filled with good fortune and joy for us all.

The Newest Volume of My Favorite Series
 «  Delaila  » 

I wish to be the first to get my hands on the newest volume of Midnight Desires. I'm just itching to find out what messy affairs are hiding in those pages!

12 Inches Taller
 «  Einar  » 

I have spoken at length with Auni to understand what wishes are. According to him, wishes are things that you want dearly. Auni wants dearly to grow taller, and I want that for him too. Therefore, I would like to wish for 12 inches to be added to his height. I think that will make him very happy.

To Discover the Undiscovered!
 «  Elouisa  » 

I wish to discover a creature not a soul has ever been[sic] seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt before. If I am the first to find it, that means I will also be the one to name it. How exciting! I must start my search at once!

A Prosperous Year for Kilima
 «  Eshe  » 

I hope that next year is a prosperous one for Kilima. Perhaps a Bahari Times article singing praises for our Maji Market would help with that.

Serenity and Silence
 «  Hassian  » 

I want nothing but peace and quiet in the valley.

Success for My Jina
 «  Hekla  » 

My Jina has been working very hard on her thesis defense. I wish for her to succeed at it this year.

Powering the Mines
 «  Hodari  » 

I wish to be able to keep the mines running for another year. It'd be nice to live out here for a little longer.

Proving My Worth
 «  Jel  » 

There is only one thing I could ever wish for, and it is to finally earn the right to stitch my name into my clothing and have it last forever.

Passing My Thesis Defense
 «  Jina  » 

I wish for me to pass my thesis defense this year! It'd be nice to finally see all of my hard work pay off...

Happy and Healthy Garden, Happy and Healthy Me!
 «  Kenli  » 

I wish for my garden to be happier and healthier this year!

Become the Fearsome Pirate Queen I was Meant to Be
 «  Kenyatta  » 

I want to follow my true calling this year and become a pirate queen whose name is feared forever.

Crushing Harvest Meadows
 «  Nai'o  » 

I wish that this year is the one we crush Harvest Meadows at every competition we have against them. I can't wait to see the look on Maedi Martingale's face when they put the victory ribbon on Butterball!

A Special Someone for My Dad
 «  Najuma  » 

This year, I really hope my dad finds his special someone. Maybe then he'll stop being such a grump all the time.

Money. Lots of it.
 «  Reth  » 

All I want is more money. Lots of it. Pretty please with lettuce soup on top?

Quality Time with My Son
 «  Sifuu  » 

I wish to get closer to my son this year! Now that he's all grown up, he thinks he's too cool to spend time with his mom. Hassian, if you're reading this, come home for dinner! I'll even make you your favorite.

A More Peaceful World
 «  Subira  » 

My only wish is for the world to grow more peaceful. I, of course, will do my part in making this happen.

Evening Company
 «  Tamala  » 

The nights get so cold and lonely sometimes. It would be nice to have someone nice on the eyes to warm my evenings up...

A Treasure Trove of Treats
 «  Tau  » 

Tau wishes for an abundance of treats in the coming year, specifically ones rich in proteins. He enjoys those quite a bit. - Hassian

Bonding Time with Reth!
 «  Tish  » 

This year, I'd like more bonding time with my brother Reth. We've gotten distant over the years, and it's time that's changed!

Luna New Year Candy Box
 «  Zeki  » 

I wish to celebrate the Luna New Year with my family again- whether from Kilima or beyond. Who knows what surprises next year has for lucky ol' Zeki?

Zeki's Prize Wheel


Feeling lucky? Try your luck with a spin of Zeki's Prize Wheel. By speaking with Zeki during the Quest Icon.png New Year, New Wishes quest, you will receive your first token, which is used to spin the wheel for prizes. Give it a whirl for a chance to win gold, Lucky Envelopes, or a Zeki Coin! More tokens can be obtained as you spend Lucky Envelopes at each merchant booth, with Prize Wheel Coin 1 Prize Wheel Coin being awarded for every Lucky Envelope.png 2,000 Lucky Envelopes spent.

Possible Rewards



No market is complete without the various merchants and vendors. From Maji-inspired decor to scrumptious snacks and recipes, you don't want to miss out on these exclusive items! Remember that if you are lucky enough, you might get a SQ.png Star version of the available foods, which can then be placed on your Housing Plot.

Known Issues

Issue #1: The SQ.png Taiyaki cannot be bought from Zeki's Lucky Catch


Update History

Build 1:0.176

  • Maji Market: Luna New Year Introduced
    • For more information, see patch notes.