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Build 0.176 is an Open Beta Update (#12) that was released on January 30, 2024 for Palia.


PatchNotes176 1.png

📸Screenshot taken by Overflow Plays

Celebrate Luna New Year as Maji Market Returns!

Hello Palians, and Happy New Year! More specifically, here in Palia, there is a special holiday worth celebrating that we want to invite everyone to partake in: Luna New Year! Maji Market returns, and with even more attractions available to celebrate the occasion. We’ve also prepared some other goodies, and of course, much needed bug fixes to the game. Take a look!

At a Glance

  • The return of Maji Market just in time for Luna New Year! 🐲
  • A secret romance blooms...?!🌼
  • Tons of new housing customization options! 🏡
  • Star Quality (read: placeable) Starstones! ✨


New Features & Updates

Maji Market is back at the Kilima Fairgrounds! 🏮

Come one, come all! Whether you are a returning event-goer or this is your first experience, the Maji Market welcomes all Palians to discover this wonderful celebration. Now, it’s back with an even greater purpose: to revel in the Luna New Year.

"We're excited for the Maji Market to return just in time for the new year. We've learned a lot based on your feedback and hope that players can see some of the improvements that went into it this time around. Happy Luna New Year!"

- The Events Team at S6

For a full overview of what you can expect this year at the Maji Market, make sure to read up on our blog about it here!

Discord maji hearthold.png

PatchNotes176 2.png

25 new decor pieces for Luna New Year are now available. ⛩️

PatchNotes176 3.png

Make sure to grab them from the event before they go away!

2 new crops and 2 new forageables have been added.

PatchNotes176 4.png

"We’ve long wanted to add some more regional variety to gardening and cooking — and the Luna New Year event was a great opportunity to introduce these to the game and give players some more options early in the game. Note, these crops and foragables will be available permanently, even after Maji Market ends."

- S6 Forseti

9 new dishes are ready to be cooked! 🥟

PatchNotes176 5.png

3 new emotes are now available.

PatchNotes176 6.gif

  • The following emotes have been added: Heart Emote, Peace Emote, and Formal Bow Emote
  • These emotes are available free for everyone! You can find them in the Collections menu, and equip them to your Emote wheel.

Subira can now be romanced—but shhh, keep it under wraps.

  • The conflict of her role as an agent of the Order and her feelings for you take center stage for anyone pursuing Subira!
  • ⚠️You’ll need Friendship Level 4 maxed out with her, and the quest, Quest Icon.png High Stakes will be the start.

PatchNotes176 7.gif

“This is for all you Palians looking for an older female romance. #forbiddenromance #olderwoman #slowburn #spy #secretagent #loyalty #duty #devotion” - S6 Vega, Senior Narrative Designer

Luna New Year-themed wallpapers have been added!

PatchNotes176 8.gif

Several new exterior-themed wallpapers have been added. 🧱

PatchNotes176 14.gif

“The reason why these wallpapers are at the City Hall and cost Renown is part of how we want exterior options (like building add-ons and these new wallpapers) to be distinguished from the offerings at Tish's store, which focuses more on interior decor.”

- S6 Nikhil, Senior Game Designer

Bay Windows can now be purchased at City Hall!

Looks like the approval form got stuck behind a cabinet in Kenli's office, but they’re finally here now. 🙌

PatchNotes176 9.png

There is now a “Quest Pouch” tab in the inventory that Quest-related items will be sorted into.

PatchNotes176 10.png


Winterlights has come to an end.

  • Map-wide decor and limited seasonal items have been removed from the game. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the tradition and being a part of the celebration!

Starstones can now drop Star Quality versions at a small chance.

And yes, they are placeable as decor! ✨

PatchNotes176 11.png

The fireplace can now accept wall decor to be placed on it.

If anyone recalls that one staged screenshot we shared back during Winterlights, well, we followed up on our promise. 😉

Premium Store Updates

Three New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store for Luna New Year!

PatchNotes176 12.png

  • Featured Outfit: The Hi-Tech Conjuror Bundle (Palia Coin.png 2,550 Palia Coins/Outfit - Palia Coin.png 5,100 Palia Coins/Bundle) includes Rune Writer, Mantid Mastermind, and GrimTech Genius
    • Each outfit comes with a hat, a top and bottom.
    • Equipping the top piece will have mystical rune pieces swirl around you when idle! 🪄

PatchNotes176 13.gif

A Premium Glider Skin is now available for purchase.

PatchNotes176 14.png

  • The Dragon Dancer Glider can be purchased for Palia Coin.png 1,275 Palia Coins.
    • Equipping this glider will have a special trail effect (with sound!) that flows as you glide! 🌸

PatchNotes176 15.gif


What about the Chapaa Chase tickets that I had from last Maji Market? Where did they go?

Because this version of the Maji Market is a special occasion to celebrate Luna New Year, you'll be earning Lucky Envelopes instead! But no worry, your Chapaa Chase Tickets are still safe and sound. They'll be back with the next regular return of Maji Market.

Top Bug Fixes

  • Players who did not get the Silverwing Bundle prize when completing the bundle will now get it - but you will need to go into Air Temple the Night Sky Temple and interact with the Vault of Winds to receive it.
  • The Quest Icon.png All In Order quest should now be fixed, and the basement should be accessible.
  • Our devs have been working hard on those creatures teleporting around and getting stuck - it should be noticeably better!
    • Muujin can still be wonky and weird and wet and wild. They especially run into problems when trying to run back to a tree!
  • Fixed a Switch bug where items were showing as non-craftable, even if the player had all the items.
  • Fixed an Issue on the Switch where pressing to cancel cooking on the Switch would cause some pretty wild camera issues.
  • Fixed an issue where closing and opening the tool repair window would occasionally crash the game on the Switch.
  • Fixed an issue where, when going to purchase Palia Coins, players would be redirected to a blank screen.
  • Also fixed an issue where, when purchasing an item, the payment selection screen would not load for quite some time.
  • We had recipes that were requesting not-yet-in-Palia veggies – these recipes have been adjusted!
  • Fixed an issue where the button to Visit other players housing plots appeared grayed out when it was able to be clicked, which was a bit confusing!
  • Fixed an issue where when placing furniture and items, items were not snapping to the grid correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Relationship progress bars within NPCs' pages appeared to have more progress than the bars that showed when viewing all the NPCs together.
  • The Server Sync button was not appearing grayed out for players in another zone.
  • Players were not being smoothly transitioned into the Wardrobe/Dressing Room UI/Menu - we've fixed this, so you should now smoothly slide into your new fits with your previews.
  • Saw two signs when you first entered your Housing Plot? No more! We've finally removed the clown of the sign.
  • The prompt to contribute to Sub-bundles was misleading, which is now corrected!
  • Stabilized the game to fix ongoing crashing issues some players were experiencing.

Top Known Issues

  • We are still working on a bug where the Air Temple is not able to be completed by players. While parts of it have been fixed this patch, as highlighted above, the work for getting this fully ironed out is ongoing by our teams. We will highlight loudly once this has been fixed fully!
  • There is still an issue where players are unable to play with their friends across EU, JP, and NA servers. This is another pretty big bug we’re working on, and we’re working hard on getting you all back to playing together.
  • Interacting with the Wardrobe while your character is stuck in the “missing textures & T-posing” appearance will cause your character to reset/change appearances permanently.
    • You should now be able to re-customize in Jel’s shop to reset your character’s look!
  • Some players are experiencing a blank screen when attempting to purchase Palia Coins. While we’ve been able to identify some of this issue, and resolved it for most, players may still see this persist. Thank you for your patience on this one!