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This page is a transcript of the Almanac of Palia, a PDF published in the news from the Developers of Palia.

A copy of the Almanac of Palia PDF (published in English only) can be found here.

The original publication on the Palia website can be found here, released as part of the 0.165 Game Update.

Welcome To Palia

Almanac Welcome To Palia.png

On behalf of all of us in Kilima Village, we'd like to extend a heartfelt "Welcome to Palia!" We have constructed this guide to help you find your footing, introduce you to your neighbors, and provide some helpful tips!

May your stay here be long, comfortable, and enjoyable, and we hope to see you around Kilima.

– Kilima Welcoming Committee

And some tips from us!
Auni Profile.png Auni

Vandalizing public property is wrong, Auni
Hassian Profile.png Hassian

You just did too!
Badruu Profile.png Badruu

No comment.
Hassian Profile.png Hassian

Chapter 1 - Basics

Map of Kilima & Points of Interest

Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment
Almanac Axe.png Axe

Your best friend for chopping trees! You'll need to upgrade it if you want to cut down the bigger trees that can be found in Bahari Bay.

Almanac Bow.png Bow

A handy multi-use tool. You can use this to hunt the game lurking in Palia, or equip it with special arrows to light up the sky in celebration!

Almanac Pickaxe.png Pickaxe

Need to mine rocks? Luckily you have a pickaxe! Palia is rich with resources like stone, clay, iron, and even silver and gold! You'll need a stronger pickaxe to get those precious metals.

PICK this axe! – Badruu Profile.png Badruu

Almanac Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod

Need some fish for cooking? Palia's rivers, lakes, and ocean are full of beautiful fish. Many are tasty, and all of them have charm. Upgrading your fishing rod will help you catch rare fish.

Almanac Hoe.png Hoe

Now you don't have to dig with your hands! This tool is used to till your fields so you can plant your gorgeous crops. Upgrading this can help you cover more ground.

Almanac Watering Can.png Watering Can

You'll need to water your plants every day, and this watering can is how you do it! Once you get it upgraded, you can cover more area in a single pour.

Almanac Smoke Bombs.png Smoke Bomb

There are all sorts of critters to find in Palia, and you'll need traps to catch them! There are a few different kinds of smoke bombs, so try them all to see which works best for your mark.


Almanac Skills Gardening.png Gardening

Gardening is all about growing your own crops at your home, which you can then use for home-cooked meals, pickles and jams, or selling directly! Badruu would be happy to provide soil and starter items, and once you've gotten comfortable with the basics, you can check out Zeki's store for even more seeds.

Almanac Skills Mining.png Mining

Scattered throughout the land of Palia are mining nodes where you may gather different materials that you can use to craft various items. From clay, stone, copper and iron, you can find these nodes on hillsides and rocky formations. Hodari is your point of contact for the Mining Guild, and you can usually find him in Bahari Bay.

Almanac Skills Foraging.png Foraging

Foraging involves 2 activities: harvesting natural resources that you might find while exploring, and chopping down trees to collect lumber and wood. Remember, the bigger the tree, the stronger your axe will need to be to chop it down! Ashura leads the Foraging Guild from the Ormuu's Horn Inn.

Almanac Skills Fishing.png Fishing

Palia is filled with rivers, lakes, and beaches stocked to the brim with fish! Fish can be caught with or without bait, and can be sold for cash, used in meals, or offered as gifts. If you're looking for rare fish, you may need a better rod to find them. Einar at the Fishing Dock can help upgrade your rod, or provide bait and sage advice.

Almanac Skills Hunting.png Hunting

It may take you a little bit to get the hang of hunting. But once you begin upgrading your bow and arrow, you'll find it easier to take down the critters flitting around. Chapaa and Sernuk will grand you fur, hides, and meat to help you in crafting and cooking. Any questions? Chase down Hassian to help you with your hunting needs.

Almanac Skills Insect Catching.png Insect Catching

This skill requires you to have good aim, patience, and a certain degree of stealth. Insects are crafty critters that are easily alerted to your presence. You will need to locate, approach, and catch insects with ball-shaped traps. Auni will assess your skills and grant you upgraded skill badges to help you catch those extra-rare crawlies!

Almanac Skills Furniture Making.png Furniture Making

To get started making your house a home, you should talk shop with Tish, who will provide some basic recipes. You can use the materials you've found through foraging, mining and hunting to build beautiful centerpieces for your home. If you try something new, you might be inspired enough to discover new recipes on your own!

Almanac Skills Cooking.png Cooking

One of the most useful skills you can pick up in Palia is cooking. All food items in Palia help you "focus", which will help you level up skills faster. Additionally, cooked dishes provide great gifts, especially when made from home-grown ingredients! Our resident culinary expert Reth would be happy to break bread with you anytime.

Creatures of Palia

Creatures of Palia
Almanac Chapaa.png Chapaa

These little critters are found all over Palia, and are a bit of an invasive pest! They have been known to steal important items, and get into all sort of mischief. Hunting them will grant you fur and yummy meat.

These little pests should be removed at all costs. – Hassian Profile.png Hassian

Almanac Sernuk.png Sernuk

A graceful Palian creature is the Sernuk. They provide useful hides and horns in addition to their meat. Sernuk horns are also used in many traditional decorations in Kilima. The larger the horn, the older the Sernuk!

If you prefer not to hunt, you can get what you need from Villagers!
Ashura Profile.png Ashura

Almanac Insects.png Insects

Insects can be found all over Palia and will appear at different times of day with a variety of behaviors. Astute catchers will need to learn when and where their marks lurk in order to best chase and trap them.

Make sure you show me any cool ones you find! – Auni Profile.png Auni

Almanac Fish.png Fish

Different fish can be found in different areas of Palia. Fishers may find even rarer fish depending on the time of day or bait you use - or dredge up other unexpected treasures!

Forageables of Palia

Forageables of Palia
Almanac Trees.png Trees

Palia is full of many different types of beautiful trees. Chopping these down can grant different wood depending on the type of tree. They can also yield seeds to plant new trees.

Note: there have been sightings of trees with strange properties. Unsure of what this could mean. – Jina Profile.png Jina

Mushrooms.png Mushrooms

Just like trees, there's an abundance of mushrooms all over Palia. Try roasting them over the fire, or adding them to a soup for flavor! Brightshrooms offer unique properties.

A fung-guide to mushrooms! – Badruu Profile.png Badruu

Sundrop Lily.png Sundrop Lily

These flowers are found in Kilima. Not only are they beautiful, they can also be used in crafting, or make great gifts for anyone who needs a little bit of a pick-me-up.

Dad always gives these to Mom when he does something silly. – Auni Profile.png Auni

Spice Sprouts.png Spice Sprouts

A spicy herb that can be used to add a zing to any dish! They apparently also have medicinal properties, and can help those with any coughs or sniffles.

Not worth the trouble. – Hassian Profile.png Hassian

Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips
Almanac Focus.png Focus

It's important to make sure you're getting the most out of your skills, and it's always easier to focus on a full stomach. Eating meals or raw food will increase your Focus, which will give you a bonus to all experience gained. If you're struggling to find recipes to cook, check in with Reth at the Ormuu's Horn Inn for some tips.

Almanac Upgrades.png Upgrades

You'll find when you begin your journey in Palia that there will be resources you can't chop or break. You might run into resources that need higher tier tools to harvest, or see some rare creatures that are too difficult to catch with your default tools. Consider upgrading them to improve your adventuring experience!

Worktable.png Design Inspiration

You can put all that wood, stone and other materials you've been collecting to good use by crafting up some furniture for your home! Each time you craft a new piece, you have the chance to be struck with inspiration for a new recipe. Keep building to fill your home with the coziest handmade furniture possible!

Almanac Refining Materials.png Refining Materials

Once you've gotten a handle on collecting materials, each Guild Leader will provide you upgrades to refine them into special items. Stone can be turned into Stone Bricks, lumber into Wood Planks, and more! Make sure you're checking in with the Guilds often so that you don't miss out on expanding your crafters.

Chapter 2 - Meet the Villagers

Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces
Jina.png Jina

Our resident researcher! Jina can usually be found in the ruins or in the library. She loves researching the history of Palia, and is working to unravel the mysteries of the past.

Hekla.png Hekla

A Galdur that is often seen with Jina. Hekla is kind and warm, and uses her large size to take care of her friends.

Einar.png Einar

A kind and thoughtful Galdur, Einar is also the village's fishing expert. He can be found at his fishing hut, and is more than happy to spread the love of his craft to others.

Tish.png Tish

An artist in her own right, Tish is a master at furniture crafting. She sells the furniture she makes, as well as leads the Furniture Crafting Guild. She's always a bright face to speak with if you're ever in need of help.

Reth.png Reth

A talented cook, a devoted brother, and a handsome young man. Reth can usually be found working in Ormuu's Horn Inn, and can whip you up a delicious meal with a smile.

Ashura.png Ashura

A pillar of Kilima, Ashura runs the Ormuu's Horn Inn. He's always available and ready to help anyone in need, and provide guidance when asked.

Zeki.png Zeki

An excellent businessperson and the only Grimalkin (currently) in Kilima. Zeki is savvy, smart, and clever. He runs the local general store, and even has a special device that can grant you rare items (with luck!).

Nai'o.png Nai'o

A hardworking young man, he's the first son of Badruu and Delaila. He's following his Path to become a farmer, and though he's not a deep thinker, he has a kind heart.

Never hangs out with me anymore! – Auni Profile.png Auni

Auni.png Auni

The youngest son of Badruu and Delaila, he loves to catch bugs and he's in charge of delivering the village's letters and mail. He's an energetic, warm-hearted friend to all, and is always willing to lend a hand to help.

Delaila.png Delaila

Mother to Nai'o and Auni, Delaila is a hard-working woman with a strong love of her family. She takes care of the farm, and acts as the matriarch of her family.

Badruu.png Badruu

Father of Nai'o and Auni, and the local farmer. His kind and generous nature almost makes up for his horrible puns.

Elouisa.png Elouisa

Twin sister of Caleri. Elouisa has a passion for knowledge, though she has less orthodox ways of exploring her interests. You may find her out and about exploring old ruins, and she's always excited to share her latest theories.

Caleri.png Caleri

Twin sister of Elouisa. Caleri is serious, strict, and a diligent librarian. She has a low tolerance for nonsense. Despite this, she'll never turn someone away who's trying to learn, and would be happy to help you find the perfect book.

Najuma.png Najuma

A shy but brave young girl, and daughter of Hodari. She has a brilliant mind and uses it to think up many innovative inventions. She may even ask your help to create some new ones!

Hodari.png Hodari

The father of Najuma and the leader of the Mining Guild. Hodari can be found coming into town occasionally, or by the mines in Bahari Bay. He works hard to be a good father for his daughter.

Hassian.png Hassian

The son of Sifuu and a quiet hunter. Hassian spends most of his time in de wilderness of Kilima, hunting game and spending time with his faithful companion, Tau. ← The best boy.

Sifuu.png Sifuu

A former monster fighter with an iron will. Sifuu is mother to Hassian, and the village blacksmith. She loves to work out, and her personality is somehow even larger than her biceps.

Jel.png Jel

The village's fashion icon. He has an eye for all things cosmetic and clothing. He can be found in his shop, and often hangs around Tish, a close friend who models for him on occasion.

Tamala.png Tamala

A mysterious woman who can often be found in the woods, looking for ingredients for her latest tinctures. Not much is known about her, thought most villagers may caution you to stay away.

Kenli.png Kenli

The mayor of Kilima, he's a very laid-back man with a kind disposition.

Eshe.png Eshe

Kenli is her husband. Eshe is the real power behind the village, and keeps everything running smoothly.

Kenyatta.png Kenyatta

The mayor's daughter, her hobbies include annoying her mother, and (begrudgingly) working at Town Hall. She can be difficult to impress, but her wit is unmatched.

Chayne.png Chayne

The priest of the local Dragon Shrine. Chayne is the spiritual leader of Kilima, and friendly with almost everyone in the village.

Box of Chocolates.png
Fun Facts: Companionship

Many villagers in Kilima (and beyond) are open and available for something deeper than friendship. In Kilima, it is custom to give a pin to your lover to symbolize your love and devotion to each other.

Who knows? Maybe if you get to know someone long enough, you may find yourself falling for them. Or, you may fall for multiple people - in Palia it's common and accepted to have multiple love interests or lovers. Though keep in mind: you can only wear one pin at a time!

Almanac Gifting Fun Fact.png
Fun Facts: Gifting

All villagers can recieve[sic] gifts each day, and each villager will also have a specific item they're looking for that week. They may tell you themselves what they'd like, or you may hear it from their friends! You should check in often to speak with villagers and share your cooking or collection with your friends.

Chapter 3 - Appendix


Q: Can we romance villagers?

A: Yes! You will be able to romance certain villagers after gaining enough friendship with them, then letting them know you're interested with a special gift of chocolate.

Q: How do crops work?

A: You will need to water your crops every Palian Day for them to grow, though they will grow even if you're not in Palia. Also, if you plant certain crops next to each other, they can get special buffs.

Q: Can I play with my friends?

A: Yes! Palia has many opportunities to play with your friends, from forming communities to events.

Q: Will there be more content?

A: Palia is a live service game that is growing every day! We plan to continue to release new zones, items, characters and more fun ways to interact with Palia and the people in it.

Q: Will Palia cost money?

A: Palia is completely free to play! The only dime you will ever spend are on optional cosmetic items for your player character (if you so choose).

Special Notes

Thank You!

Palia is a place that we hope can be a refuge for anyone from any walk of life. Kilima Village is just the beginning of our journey, and we hope you can join us on all the journeys to come. Palia is brighter with you in it!

Almanac Welcome Home.png

It's gonna be AWESOME!
Auni Profile.png Auni

I hope that you will find your Oneness here
Einar Profile.png Einar

Let me know if you find anything mysterious or old!
... Or both!
Jina Profile.png Jina

Take it easy, greasy.
You've got a long way to slide!
Badruu Profile.png Badruu

Visit the Ormuu's Horn Inn if you ever need anything.
Ashura Profile.png Ashura

Don't cause any trouble.
Hassian Profile.png Hassian

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