Box of Chocolates

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The Box of Chocolates is a consumable item in Palia.


A box of candies, usually given to show romantic intentions.

–In-Game Item Description

Gift to a Romanceable Villager at Friendship level 3 or higher to unlock their romance questline.
The Box of Chocolates can be gifted to a Villager at Friendship Level 3 or above to unlock Romance with that NPC, giving you the "(Flirt with <NPC>)" option in conversation from then onward, and allowing you to start their romance quests when you reach level 3 & 4.

For more information, see Romance.


  • This item was a Login Reward to celebrate Valentine's Day. Players could retrieve it via the NEWS tab from the Player's inventory in-game from February 14th - 16th, 2024.



Update History

Build 0.176:

  • Login Reward for February 14th-16th, 2024.