Sernuk Hide

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Sernuk Hide is a Common crafting material in Palia.


A strong hide from a wild sernuk.

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain

Sernuk Hide can be purchased from the General Store in Kilima Village for Gold.png 32 Gold.


Sernuk Hide has a chance of being dropped when Hunting any type of Sernuk throughout Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay.

Note: Sernuk will not always grant hide.


Sernuk Hide can be obtained as a reward when completing the following Quests:


Caleri Profile.png Caleri Level 2


Sernuk Hide can be rewarded as a chance prize in the following way:

  • Ancient Rock Garden Ancient Rock Garden

It can also be obtained by looting Treasure Chests in the Kilima Valley.


Current weekly wants of Sernuk Hide for July 15, 2024 - July 21, 2024
  • Nobody

Villagers who like Sernuk Hide:


Sernuk Hide is required for the following Quests:


Sernuk Hide is not used in any Bundles.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Value changed:
    • Basic: Gold.png 13Gold.png 16

Build 0.167:

  • In Bahari Bay, several adjustments have been made to the higher-tier Sernuk to make hunting here more rewarding for higher level hunters.
    • ⬆ Increased the amount of Hide dropped by Elder & Proudhorned Sernuk.