Spice Sprouts

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A spicy herb that can be used to add a zing to any dish! They apparently also have medicinal properties, and can help those with any coughs or sniffles.

–Almanac of Palia

The Spice Sprouts are a spice in Palia.


Spice Sprouts will lend a rich color and earthy flavor to any dish. And they're pretty easy to find, too..

–In-Game Item Description

Growing in grassy areas, spice sprouts feature curly orange tendrils that glow, making them very visible in the shade or at nighttime. They are used for cooking.


Found near Mirror Fields and Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Valley. Can also be purchased from Zeki's General Store for Gold.png 30.


The following use Spice Sprouts as an ingredient:

Any Spice


Villagers who like Spice Sprouts all the time:
This excludes Weekly Wants, please confirm with the villagers if Spice Sprouts is desired on special occasions.