Heavy Sawmill

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The Heavy Sawmill is a crafter used in foraging. It crafts items approximately 53% faster than the Basic Sawmill.


Used to refine raw wood materials.

–In-Game Item Description

The heavy sawmill refines wood into planks at a higher speed than a basic sawmill.


The Heavy Sawmill is used to refine the following:

Note: Crafting times are in real life minutes, not in-game time.

Product Crafting Time Ingredients 
Flow-Infused Plank Flow-Infused Plank 2 min 36 sec
Heartwood Plank Heartwood Plank 1 min 18 sec
Sapwood Plank Sapwood Plank 39 sec


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Recipe change:
    • Iron Bar: 8 -> 4
    • Ceramic: 14 -> 5