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Gold Ore is a crafting material in Palia.


A rock that contains gold. Can be smelted into bars for selling.

–In-Game Item Description


Gold Ore can be Mined from the medium and large Iron Ore nodes that spawn near or on top of cliff walls throughout Bahari Bay, as well as inside Pavel Mines.


Gold Ore is a rare secondary drop from Iron Ore nodes. A Standard Pick is required before you can mine them.

Although Iron Ore nodes come in three sizes, only the medium and large nodes have a chance at containing Gold Ore:

Node Size Picture Gold Ore Chance
Small IronNodeSmall.png 0%
Medium IronNodeMedium.png 7.5%
Large IronNodeLarge.png 15%

There is also a small chance to spawn a Scintillating Centipede when breaking a Gold Ore node of any size.


The following use Gold Ore as an ingredient:

  • Gold Bar Gold Bar


Villagers who like Gold Ore all the time:
This excludes Weekly Wants, please confirm with the villagers if Gold Ore is desired on special occasions.



Gold Ore is not required for any quests.



A player's recommended mining path.