Temple of the Flames

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ChapaaChuckle.png This article or following section is likely to contain spoilers! Please proceed with caution.
Temple of the Flames

The Temple of the Flames is an ancient temple created by ancient Humans over lava.



The Temple of the Flames is located in Bahari Bay behind between Flooded Fortress and Pavel Mines, past a door. Players can access this place after Sifuu uses the battery to enter the Ruins.



Quest Icon.png Plumehound Pilgrimage

Quest Icon.png A Catalyzing Caper



Maze Rooms

The Murals

Tome Transcript
First Mural
"A mural depicting two lifelong friends meeting for the first time..."
Second Mural
"A mural depicting a tragedy that would change things forever..."
Third Mural
"A mural depicting a powerful hope for a different future..."
Fourth Mural
"A mural depicting two lifelong friends, reunited once again..."

Ancient Tomes

Tome Transcript

Weekly Update

 «  Flow Generator Division  » 

Bad news, everybody -

The King has decreed this space needs to be better defended from threats to our people. That means new security measures. You may have noticed the glowing, flow-infused "eye" above the entry space - it provides a vision of the room directly to our royal guards so they can respond to any sort of attack.

Word has it the west cooling channels will also be converted in some way. Expect some disruptions to your work schedule.

Pieces Falling into Place

"The Kitsuu's Revival". This may be my best work yet. Such a simple story, and yet it is still moving to see it come to life in front of you.

I miss the simpler days when the Kitsuu played outside my childhood home, singeing mother's flower bushes. She claimed she hated them, but never really did anything to get rid of them. Even then, I could tell it was an act - her eyes lit up with hopeful fire every time she saw one.

It seems there are less and less Kitsuu around these days. Then again, that is part of the reason we are doing this. To give them a chance at a better future... one we may not be a part of.

Seeing a Kitsuu still reminds me of my mother, even now. I hope, in preserving this legacy, I can preserve a small bit of her too.

Ancient Treasure Chests


Walk across to the second circle and go left.

  • Slowdown Arrow 4 Slowdown Arrow
  • Gold.png 5 Gold

From the first chest - walk down the broken end as it slants down and jump across to second chest on a cliff next to the wall.

In the maze towards the left side at a dead end.

At the top level climb sideways back over the maze - chest is across the room

Go right at the beginning and climb over the half wall.

Climb over the half wall next to the brazier and follow the path to a chest on a ledge.

Right of the entrance near the lava.


Update History

Build 0.169:

  • Leaving and Entering the Fire Temple too quickly no longer causes a long period of a black screen.

Build 0.168:

  • Introduced.