Heavy Smelter

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The Heavy Smelter is an upgraded version of the Basic Smelter. This can be useful to save on crafter budget slots, as less heavy smelters would be needed to match the same crafting times as several basic smelters.


The heavy smelter turns minerals into bricks and bars at a faster speed than the stone smelter.

–In-Game Item Description

The Heavy Smelter refine mined minerals into useful forms like bricks and bars at a higher speed than a Basic Smelter.


The Heavy Smelter is used to refine the following:

Note: Crafting times are in real life minutes, not in-game time.

Product Crafting Time Ingredients 
Ceramic Ceramic 2 min 36 sec
Copper Bar Copper Bar 1 min 56 sec
Gold Bar Gold Bar 11 min 42 sec
Iron Bar Iron Bar 3 min 53 sec
Palium Bar Palium Bar 7 min 47 sec
Silver Bar Silver Bar 5 min 51 sec
Stone Brick Stone Brick 1 min 18 sec


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Recipe change:
    • Iron Bar: 6 -> 4
    • Leather: 8 -> 5