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The Palium Bar is a Rare crafting material in Palia.


Refined palium sets the bar for metals. Used to craft a variety of exquisite items.

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain

Palium Bar can be purchased from the Mining Guild Store for Currency Mining.png 10 Mining Medals.


Palium Bar is craftable after the Player obtains the recipe, and requires the following Crafters:

Palium Bar is made from Palium Ore 5 Palium Ore.

Obtain the Recipe

The recipe for Palium Bar can be purchased from the Mining Guild Store upon reaching Mining Mining Level 6 for Gold.png 500 Gold.


Palium Bar can be obtained as a reward when completing the following Quests:



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Palium Bar is required for the following Quests:


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  • This item was a Login Reward to celebrate the launch of Palia on Steam on March 25, 2024. Players were able to retrieve it via the NEWS tab from the Player's inventory menu in-game from March 27, 2024 - April 10, 2024.


Update History

Build 0.178:

  • Login Reward from March 27th-April 10th, 2024