Emberborn Brazier

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Emberborn Brazier is a Common Customization item from the Emberborn furniture set that can be used to decorate the Player's Housing Plot.


This standing lamp will brighten up your house with a little Phoenix flame. But careful you don't burn it down.

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain

Emberborn Brazier is craftable at the Worktable after the Player obtains the recipe.

Obtain the Recipe

The recipe for Emberborn Brazier is awarded upon the completion of the Emberseeker's Bundle Emberseeker's Bundle.


Emberborn Brazier can be Modified at the Modification Bench Modification Bench using Furniture Modification Kit 3 Furniture Modification Kit. The amount of kits used varies between items, and is based on the size of the furniture. Modification Kits can be purchased at the Material Store, the register at the Furniture Store, for Gold.png 100.

Note: Furniture can be re-modified with the same number of kits each time, or returned to default for free.

Emberborn Brazier Default Ingame.png

Emberborn Brazier Autumn Ingame.png

Emberborn Brazier Berry Ingame.png

Emberborn Brazier Calathea Ingame.png

Emberborn Brazier Classic Ingame.png

Emberborn Brazier Shore Ingame.png


Emberborn Brazier is currently not known to be used by any Accomplishments, Crafting Recipes, or in Cooking.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Recipe change:
    • Flow-Infused Plank: 25 -> 12
    • Palium Bar: 4 -> 1
    • Flint: 20 -> 6

Build 0.168:

  • Introduced