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Palium Ore is a Rare crafting material in Palia.


A rock that contains palium. Can be smelted into bars for crafting.

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain


Palium Ore can be Mined with a Fine Pick or an Exquisite Pick, from nodes that can be found near cliffs in Bahari Bay, as well as inside the Pavel Mines.


Palium nodes come in three sizes; medium and large nodes drop more Stone and Ore.

Node Size Image Drops Hits to Break Node  
Stone Stone Palium Ore Palium Ore Fine Pick Fine Pick Exquisite Pick Exquisite Pick
Small PaliumNodeSmall.png 1 - 3 5 3
Medium PaliumNodeMedium.png 2 - 4 6 4
Large PaliumNodeLarge.png 6 - 10 8 6


Palium Ore can be rewarded as a chance prize in the following way:

It can also be obtained by looting Treasure Chests in the Temple of the Roots.


Current weekly wants of Palium Ore for July 15, 2024 - July 21, 2024
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Villagers who like Palium Ore:

The following use Palium Ore as an ingredient:


Palium Ore is required for the following Quests:


Palium Ore is not used in any Bundles.


  • Palium, Stone and Iron nodes share the same spawn table. As such, Stone and Iron nodes must be cleared out in order for more Palium nodes to continue spawning.
  • A small amount of Stone is also acquired when breaking a Palium node of any size.
  • There is a chance to spawn a Scintillating Centipede when breaking a Palium node of any size.
  • There is also a small chance to obtain Amethyst Amethyst, Ruby Ruby, or their SQ.png Star Quality versions, when breaking a Palium node of any size.

Experience from mining Palium Ore counts towards the following accomplishments:

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Update History

Build 0.175:

  • We’ve adjusted the location of Palium spawns.
    • Palium can now spawn from any location where Iron Ore nodes also appear.

Build 0.172:

  • Expect about 60% more Palium nodes now available in Bahari Bay! 💎
    • This will be a first step in the direction we want to take regarding the availability of Palium nodes. While the resource is intended to be a rarer one, it’s not meant to be to the point of competitiveness. Palians should feel comfortable playing how they want to — whether it’s more of a solo style, or together with friends.

Build 0.169:

  • Medium-sized Palium Nodes now drop an additional Palium Ore (so the new minimum you can get is 2).
  • Medium-sized Palium Nodes now also grant more skill EXP to better match their small and large counterparts.