The Path Less Traveled

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The Path Less Traveled is a Friendship Quest given by Kenyatta upon reaching Friendship Level 3: Burgeoning Friendship.


It seems like Kenyatta's still struggling to find her Path. Maybe you can offer some guidance?


Part 1

Part 2

Kenyatta says she'll try out mining next, but she needs you to get her some starter supplies.

Part 3

Kenyatta is trying out mining to see if it's the Path for her. Try talking to her after a day has passed to see how things are going.

  • Check back in with Kenyatta after awhile.

Part 4

Kenyatta didn't take so well to mining, and now a sernuk's hurt. She's asked you to find her medical kit. She says she last used it over by the western docks.

  • 0/1 Find Kenyatta's medical kit.
↷ Return to Kenyatta

Part 5

Wait and find out how things went with the sernuk. Kenyatta says she'll stop by when she's done.


At Quest Completion



  1. Either Jel or Tish will send you a letter regarding Kenyatta's progress, or lack thereof, on trying out a new path. Go find out what happened from Kenyatta.
  2. Kenyatta wants to try out mining, so retrieve the items she needs for a pick.
  3. Check back in with Kenyatta after a while, and learn about the injured Sernuk.
  4. Wait for Kenyatta to show up and tell you what happened.

Dialogue and Mail


Receive a letter from either Jel or Tish, depending on who Kenyatta went to apprentice with at the end of Quest Icon.png Fork in the Path

Dear (Player),
Is it true you were the one to suggest Kenyatta as my protegee? I have to tell you she is as ill equipped for the role as any I have every seen. When I tried to teach her to sew, she told me she's really more of a "big picture person" and prefers to have the others do the menial labor. Since she has arrived my days have become as much of a waking nightmare as my nights. Help!

Jel Profile.png Jel

Dear (Player),
So...Kenyatta told me you were the one who suggested she get into furniture making? I was wondering if you to her? I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm also not trying to get her on the wrong Path. The latest chair she created could have doubled as a torture device. I'm not kidding...when Reth sat in it he admitted to stealing dessert from my plate when we were ten.

Tish Profile.png Tish


Upon speaking to Kenyatta

So, about that Path...

Yeah, no. Me and clothing just don't mix. Jel tried to explain the difference between chenille and chiffon and I almost fell asleep standing.
Then I couldn't even get the stupid needle threaded??

Ugh, don't even get me started. I keep finding splinters in places they definitely shouldn’t be.
Seriously, Tish was supposed to be the prissy one, how does she deal with it all? My callouses have callouses.

Well, there's always fishing...

You could try cooking?

Nah, I don't think that stuff's really for me. I was thinking maybe I'd try mining instead?
Najuma gets to play with explosives all day, and she seems to like it.
Plus, and you didn't hear this from me, but Hodari's, like, really hot.

You're not really the mining type.
There's only one way to find out, right?

Seems like a good enough reason to me!
I knew we'd see eye to eye on this one.

I like mining, it's calming.
As long as it's not boring.

The explosives ARE a plus.
Right? There's no way I'll be bored with that.

I just need to convince the Pavels to teach me. They won't take me seriously if I don't already have my own pick.
You think you can get me some materials to make one?

Upon returning to Kenyatta

I brought the materials.
Is iron supposed to be this heavy?
Anyways, thanks, (Player). I'll let you know how it goes!

Upon speaking to Kenyatta

Crap, where is it?!
(Player)! Have you seen a bag around? It's like this big, full of medical supplies?
Did something happen?
You could say that.
I went to go learn from the Pavels. Hodari wasn't so convinced, but Najuma agreed to teach me some stuff.
So she showed me how to make a few minor explosives...

What could go wrong?

What happened?

I just caused a minor landslide. Najuma says it happens all the time! But a sernuk got hurt in the fall.
I managed to stabilize it, but I can't find my medical kit!
The last time I had it, I was helping Tau with a thorn stuck in his paw, over by the western docks.
Could you check over there for me? I'll keep looking around here.

Upon returning to Kenyatta

I found the kit.
Yes! You're a lifesaver. Literally.
Thanks, (Player). I'll stop by later and tell you how it went.


Upon talking to Kenyatta at your Housing Plot

The sernuk's fine. I just gave it a few stitches and a splint to support the leg.
Hassian said he'd keep an eye on it until it was ready to walk again.
You know a lot about healing.
I mean, a little, I guess.
I've always liked animals. I figured if I learned how to help them, it might come in handy.
It's just... something I picked up here and there.

Don't sell yourself short.
...You're right.
I like it. And I am good at it. It's kinda embarrassing...

Kenyatta. You're awesome!
I mean, I know that, but does everyone else?
I just... like helping out animals. And I'm good at it, at least I think.

But it's not like it could be my Path, right?

Why not?

It's exactly like that!

...I guess I don't really have a reason why not. I'm just kind of used to being told to give up on the things I like.
But you're right. I'll go ask Chayne if he'll sponsor me.
It's worth a shot.
... Thanks for believing in me, <player>. I don't think I would've figured all this out without you.
Any time you need help, feel free to stop by, okay? I'm sure I can make some time for you.


A letter from Kenyatta arrives with the mail after completing the quest.

Dear (Player),
I gave the sernuk a clean bill of health, but I just keep thinking... what if you hadn't been able to find the kit in time? I don't wanna screw up like that again. I'm gonna take this healing seriously.

Thanks again for saving my hide. I bet the sernuk's pretty grateful, too.

I saw this guy in the market and thought he could keep you company. Just don't stick your hand in the tank, okay?

Or do, I could use the healing practice.

Kenyatta Profile.png Kenyatta


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