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Fork in the Path is a Friendship Quest given by Eshe on behalf of Kenyatta upon reaching Friendship Level 2: Source of Inspiration.


Eshe's concerned about Kenyatta's recent behavior. She's asked you to talk to her daughter.


Part 1

Part 2

Kenyatta's feeling the pressure to finally declare her Path. The problem is... she doesn't know what she wants it to be. She's asked you for help figuring it all out.

↷ Return to Kenyatta

Part 3

Kenyatta has decided to see if gardening is her Path. You got her some seeds to try it out.

  • Wait to hear how things go with Kenyatta's gardening.

Part 4

It turns out gardening is not Kenyatta's Path.


During Quest

At Quest Completion


  1. A letter from Eshe arrives in your mailbox. Eshe claims that Kenyatta has been 'making a ruckus' and would like you to 'talk some sense into her'.
  2. Upon talking to Kenyatta, you will learn that she and Eshe have been fighting for awhile. Kenyatta's stressed out over the pressure to finally declare her Path. While she does not have an interest in her family's Path in governance, she feels gardening could be fun.
  3. Bring Kenyatta some crop seeds!
  4. Find Kenyatta and hand her the seeds. Then wait to hear back from her.
  5. Kenyatta contacted you via mail. Find her immediately to mourn the death of all of her plants with her.
  6. It seems like she discovered that gardening is not her Path and she is still figuring things out. Suggest either designing clothes or furniture making.

Dialogue and Mail


Letter From Eshe

Dear (Player),
I hear you and my daughter are becoming friendly. Normally I would frown on this sort of fraternizing...but I must admit I need your help. My daughter has been very upset as of late, and has been making quite the ruckus. She even used a salad fork for her steak last night...on purpose! Could you please talk some sense into her???

Eshe Profile.png Eshe


Upon speaking to Kenyatta

Your mom sent me to talk to you.
Oh, this oughta be good if she sent someone else to do her dirty work.
What is it?

She's mad about silverware?
Oh my dragon, is this about the salad fork? She's ridiculous!
I can't do anything without her criticizing me, seriously. Who cares what kind of fork I use as long as it gets to my mouth??

She thinks you're rebelling.
She does, huh? Wonder what it's about this time. Did I cut my hair a little too short? Oh, maybe I stayed out too late?
No, you know what, I bet it was the fork. I knew that'd drive her crazy.

Ugh. Sorry, I know I sound like a total spoiled rich girl. Some people have actual problems, and here I am fighting with my mom.
It just... doesn't really seem fair. Her getting to decide everything about my life.
She's been pressuring me about declaring my Path. Apparently I'm "too old" to still be figuring my life out.

Why haven't you declared yet?
Because I don't know what I want yet. If my mom had her way, I'd go into governance. But that'd make me miserable.
Is it so much to want to be happy with the thing I'll be doing for the rest of my life?

That IS unfair.
You think so?
...Thanks, (Player). It's nice to know I'm not being totally ridiculous.
I just... want a chance to figure out what I actually like, first, before I decide to do it for the rest of my life.

Player (Fire)
Maybe I can help?
Y'know, I always kinda thought gardening sounded fun. Nai'o always seems so happy after a day of work.
Maybe that could be my Path? But I don't have any seeds or anything to try it out.
Do you think you could bring me some? I'll be sure to pay you back.

Upon giving Kenyatta the crop seeds

I brought the seeds.
Cool! So I just... stick them in dirt and wait? That doesn't sound so hard.
I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, (Player).
Here, this should cover the cost.

Letter from Kenyatta

Dear (Player),
You are formally invited to the funeral of all my plants. Someone else has to mourn the death of my dreams with me. I don't even know what went wrong, I watered them every ten minutes? How does my dad make this look so easy??

Kenyatta Profile.png Kenyatta


Mourning with Kenyatta

So, turns out gardening sucks, and I hate it, and I'm never doing it again.

That was fast.
Yeah, well. No point killing more plants just because I'm being stubborn.

I know, it's so boring!
Right? Like, what, I'm just supposed to sit there? Watch the grass grow?

I'm in shock AND awe!
Ha, ha. You coulda told me how boring it was before you gave me the seeds.

It's not for everyone.
Yeah, I figured that one out.

So, gardening's not my thing. That's fine, there's plenty of other things to try, right?
What else do people do?

Have you tried designing clothes?
Clothes, huh? I mean, I've always liked buying them.
Yeah, why not? I can ask Jel to give me some tips tomorrow.
It's so hard to find anything in my style out here anyways, might be kinda nice to make my own stuff.
Thanks, (Player). You're not so bad, y'know?

Maybe you could try furniture making?
Huh. I mean, sure, I guess everyone needs to sit, and someone has to make the chairs.
But then I'd have to ask Tish...
Ugh. Fine! But if she asks me to wear matching flowers I'm quitting right there.
Thanks, (Player). You're not so bad, y'know?


  • Players will get unique dialogues from either Jel or Tish depending on the option they suggested to Kenyatta.

Update History

Build 0.165:

  • Introduced.