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The Apple Tree Seed is a seed in Palia.


Grows into an apple tree that can be harvested multiple times. Boosts growth speed of other nearby crop types

–In-Game Item Description

Grows into an apple tree that can be harvested multiple times. The plant grows for 12 days, and then can be harvested. After the first harvest, it can be harvested again every 6 days for 3 more additional harvests (day 12, 18, 24, 30 after planting). Its Growth Boost buff will speed up the growth process of adjacent crops.

Unlike regular crops that take only one square of field, an apple tree takes 3x3 squares. It also needs 9 units of fertilizer.

To obtain any buffs from other crops, the tree needs to be placed near 3 crops that give the same buff (i.e. 3 potatoes or 2 tomatoes and potato to receive the Water Retain buff). Crops can be located anywhere around the tree to give the buff.

Obtained From

is available for purchase from the Guild Store for Gardening.png 280 Gardening Medals.

can be dropped by a Lucky Box from Zeki's Wondrous Machine.

can be processed from Apple 10/1 Apple using the Seed Collector; it takes 2h 22min to craft 1 Seed from 10 Apples.

can also be received by Quests


It can be planted in soil to grow apples.


Villagers who like Apple Tree Seed all the time:
This excludes Weekly Wants, please confirm with the villagers if Apple Tree Seed is desired on special occasions.



Requires one (1) apple tree seed.
One (1) apple tree seed is received as a reward for completing Nai'o's quest at Relationship level 3
Two (2) apple tree seeds are received as a reward for completing Zeki's quest at Relationship level 3 (Magical Mystery Machine)
Notice: You initially receive one (1) apple tree seed during this quest to use it on the machine inside Zeki's room and are rewarded with two (2). If you do not do this you will need to acquire an apple tree seed elsewise to complete this quest.



Update History

Build 0.169:

  • The icon for Tomato and Apple seeds have been updated to be more visually distinct.