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The Seed Collector is a crafter learned from a recipe that can be purchased from Badruu for Gold.png 100 Gold at Gardening level 2.

It allows the player to guarantee a return of seeds from crops by converting crops into seeds. This opens up the possibility to farm indefinitely without purchasing more seeds from the General Store.

When using Star Quality Crops in the seed collector, it will produce Star Quality Seeds instead of normal seeds. The quantity and time to craft stay the same per crop.

There is a small chance that a Star Quality Seed is given instead of the Normal Quality Seeds (???%). When processing Star Quality Seeds, there is also a small chance that bonus Normal Quality Seeds will be produced (around 4% for the tomato recipe).[citation needed]


This seed collector will allow you to harvest seeds from fully-grown crops.

–In-Game Item Description

Seed Collecting

(Note: Crafting times are in real life minutes/hours, not in-game time.)

Crop Input Seeds Output Crafting Time
Carrot Carrot 1 Carrot Seed Carrot Seed 4 18 Minutes
Onion Onion 1 Onion Seed Onion Seed 4 24 Minutes
Potato Potato 1 Potato Seed Potato Seed 4 1 Hour 24 Minutes
Tomato Tomato 3 Tomato Plant Seed Tomato Plant Seed 2 30 Minutes
Wheat Wheat 1 Wheat Seed Wheat Seed 4 42 Minutes
Rice Rice 1 Rice Seed Rice Seed 4 42 Minutes
Blueberry Blueberry 4 Blueberry Bush Seed Blueberry Bush Seed 2 1 Hour 21 Minutes
Apple Apple 10 Apple Tree Seed Apple Tree Seed 1 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Cotton Cotton 1 Cotton Seed Cotton Seed 3 36 Minutes
Corn Corn 1 Corn Seed Corn Seed 4 48 Minutes
Spicy Pepper Spicy Pepper 4 Spicy Pepper Seed Spicy Pepper Seed 2 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Napa Cabbage Napa Cabbage 1 Napa Cabbage Seed Napa Cabbage Seed 6 48 Minutes
Bok Choy Bok Choy 1 Bok Choy Seed Bok Choy Seed 4 1 Hour 12 Minutes

(Build 0.176, Verified 02/21/2024)

Update History

Build 0.167:

  • We have adjusted the Tomato Seed Recipe in the Seed Maker.
    • The recipe now requires 3 tomatoes, up from 2 tomatoes prior.
    • The production timer will be reduced from 42 minutes to now 30 minutes.