Cotton Seed

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The Cotton Seed is a seed in Palia.


Grows into one crop of cotton. Boosts quality of other nearby crop types.

–In-Game Item Description

Grows into one crop of cotton. The plant grows for 5 days, and then can be harvested. Its Quality Boost buff will guarantee a high-quality harvest to adjacent crops.

Obtained From

is available for purchase from the General Store for Gold.png 40 Gold.

can also be dropped by a Lucky Box from Zeki's Wondrous Machine.

can be processed from Cotton 1/4 Cotton using the Seed Collector; it takes 36 min to craft 3 Seeds from 1 Cotton.


It can be planted in soil to grow cotton.


Villagers who like Cotton Seed all the time:
This excludes Weekly Wants, please confirm with the villagers if Cotton Seed is desired on special occasions.