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The Ammo Pouch, identified by the Arrowhead icon, is a section of the Inventory and displays all Ammo carried by The Player.

For more information, see: Backpack and Quest Pouch


Access the Inventory via the Player Menu by using key on PC ( on Switch), or via the quick access key / on PC; Inventory is the first item on the Switch menu, so clicking after could be quick.

From there, select the Arrowhead tab to view the Ammo Pouch.

The Ammo Pouch is organized into five rows of eight slots, for a total of 40 slots.

Ammo Inventory Slots

Slot Capacity

Ammo can stack up to 100 items per slot. In same cases, such as when crafting ammo, any ammo that cannot fit into the Ammo Pouch will automatically transfer to the Player's General Storage. However, when looting an ammo item such as a daily gift from the Ancient Rock Garden Ancient Rock Garden, the Player will be notified that the "inventory is full", and will need to free up a slot in the Ammo Pouch in order to collect the loot.

Ammo Pouch Upgrades

The Player begins with one row (8 slots) unlocked. Further rows can be unlocked by purchasing upgrades from the Ammo Pouch sign located inside the General Store in Kilima Village.

Ammo Pouch Upgrade Sign in General Store

Name Total Slot Capacity Price
Starter Ammo Pouch
Ammo Pouch
Gold.png 250 Gold
Large Ammo Pouch
Gold.png 2,500 Gold
Huge Ammo Pouch
Gold.png 10,000 Gold
Deluxe Ammo Pouch
Gold.png 25,000 Gold

Update History

Build 0.179:

  • Introduced