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Accessories are a mechanic in Palia. The Accessories tray allows for the Player to equip multiple in-game items such as romance pins, fishing attachments, fishing bobbers, gliders, and pets. The Accessories slots can be accessed from the Player's Inventory.

Equipping Accessories

To equip an accessory, click / on the item that you wish to equip. Then, you can click Equip Gear to send the item from your inventory to your accessory slots.

Equip Gear.png

An exception to this rule is Pets. To equip a Pet, you can click the paw print icon on the accessory tray - this will bring you to the Collections menu from which you can then select your desired pet.

Accessory Slots

  1. Romance Pin #1
  2. Romance Pin #2
  3. Fishing Attachment
  4. Fishing Bobber
  5. Glider
  6. Pet

Romance Pins

Villager Pins or Romance Pins are special items that are received upon reaching Romance Level 3 with romanceable villagers. Currently, the only benefit of wearing a Romance Pin is unique daily dialogue options. The accessories tray allows for two different romance pins to be equipped at one time.

For more information, see Villager Pins.

Fishing Attachments

Fishing Attachments are special items that make it easier to catch fish.

For more information, see Fishing Attachments.

Fishing Bobbers

Fishing Bobbers are fishing rod attachments that are purely aesthetic. They can be equipped to change how your bobber looks while fishing, making it easier to distinguish from others.

For more information, see Fishing Bobbers.


Gliders are a special item that allows the player to fly.

For more information, see Glider.


Pets are a cosmetic item that allows for a companion to accompany the Player as they explore the world of Palia.

For more information, see Pets.