Copper Storage Chest

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Copper Storage Chest is a Uncommon Storage item that can be used to increase the player's storage capacity on the Housing Plot.

For more information, see Storage Chests.


A standard general storage chest made of copper. Stores 825 items. You can place up to 8 general storage chests on your plot.

–In-Game Item Description

How to Obtain

Copper Storage Chest is craftable at the Worktable after the Player obtains the recipe.

Obtain the Recipe

The recipe for Copper Storage Chest is available for purchase at the Material Store for: Gold.png 10,000. This is the register found at the back of the Furniture Store in Kilima Village and can be accessed at any time.


Copper Storage Chest is not modifiable.


The following use Copper Storage Chest as an ingredient:

Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Recipe change:
    • Sapwood Plank: 30 -> 20
    • Copper Bar: 4 -> 3
  • The cost to purchase the Copper Storage upgrade has been decreased.
    • 25,000 -> 10,000