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Storage Chests, when placed on a Housing Plot, allow The Player to store items outside of their Inventory for later use.

For more information, see General Storage and Safe Storage


The Player can place up to a total of 8 general storage chests (Wooden, Copper, or Iron) and 3 Lockbox chests on their Housing Plot(s). These numbers apply to all unlocked housing plots as a whole, whether the Player has one or more chests on a single plot or multiple plots. All storage chests are connected, so the Player's storage capacity is dependent upon the number and type of chests placed on their housing plot(s) and all contents will be shown in full, no matter which storage chest the Player accesses.

Crafters placed on the housing plot can also access relevant items stored in the chests, so materials used for crafting are not required to be in the Player's inventory to use them. The exception to this is items secured in Lockbox Storage Chests, which are protected from being used for crafting.

The recipes for the Copper Storage Chest, Iron Storage Chest, Lockbox Storage Chest are found in the Material Store at Tish's Furniture Store.

List of Storage Chests

Name Rarity Storage Total Recipe Cost
Wooden Storage Chest Wooden Storage Chest Common 400 3,200 Gold.png 500
Lockbox Storage Chest Lockbox Storage Chest Common 100 300 Gold.png 1,000
Copper Storage Chest Copper Storage Chest Uncommon 825 6,600 Gold.png 10,000
Iron Storage Chest Iron Storage Chest Rare 1,250 10,000 Gold.png 50,000

Update History

Build 0.174:

  • The cost for the final upgrade for Storage has been reduced:
    • Iron Storage Chest: 100,000 → 50,000 Gold

Build 0.180:

  • Recipe change for the copper chest:
    • Sapwood Plank: 30 -> 20
    • Copper Bar: 4 -> 3
  • The cost to purchase the Copper Storage upgrade has been decreased.
    • 25,000 -> 10,000