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For more information, see Muujin (Species).

The Muujin is a huntable creature in Palia.


Wolf-like creatures that runs to the nearest tree when startled and respawns when the tree is chopped. There are 3 types of species of this creature, with the other two known as Banded Muujin and Bluebristle Muujin.


The Muujin can be found in Bahari Bay. Muujin is bountiful in the nothern forests of Bahari Bay. Cutting trees can also spawn muujins.


Muujins will casually roam the locations they are found in. When approached by a player, they will attempt to run away. After a set amount of time, they will run towards a medium or large tree and jump into it. Cutting down the tree will release Muujin inside. Multiple Muujin can hide inside the same tree. If a Muujin jumps inside a flow tree, it will turn into Bluebristle Muujin when the tree is cut.


Regular Muujins have 20 Health and require two hits with a Standard Arrow or one hit with Fine Arrow to be felled.







Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Muujin will now carry over their health even after escaping.
    • Previously, their health would be reset to full.
  • Muujin and certain Insects will now drop plushies at a low chance.
    • Muujin Plush can be obtained by hunting Muujin.

Build 0.173:

  • Introduced.