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Within the world of Palia, Shepps are guides and mentors that help new villagers understand the customs and traditions of the new village they wish to become a part of. Once the Shepp feels a new villager is ready to officially become a part of the community, they will speak for them at Quest Icon.png The Acceptance Ceremony.

Joining a village is a rite of passage in Majiri society. In order to become an official citizen of Kilima Village, certain tasks must be completed. Then, you must choose a Shepp who officially sponsors you joining the community.


How to get a Shepp

To get your Shepp, first you need to have the Quest Icon.png Find Your Shepp quest. A villager will only accept your Shepp request once you have reached level 4 Friendship.

Available Shepps

The following villagers can become your Shepp:

Ashura Profile.png Ashura Badruu Profile.png Badruu Caleri Profile.png Caleri Chayne Profile.png Chayne Delaila Profile.png Delaila
Einar Profile.png Einar Elouisa Profile.png Elouisa Hassian Profile.png Hassian Hodari Profile.png Hodari Jel Profile.png Jel
Jina Profile.png Jina Kenli Profile.png Kenli Kenyatta Profile.png Kenyatta Nai'o Profile.png Nai'o Reth Profile.png Reth
Sifuu Profile.png Sifuu Tamala Profile.png Tamala Tish Profile.png Tish Zeki Profile.png Zeki

Shepp Program

Singularity 6, the developers of Palia, introduced a real-world Shepp program[1]. Shepps are passionate Palia ambassadors tasked with mentoring new players in-game and in the community Discord, helping with the official Wiki, organizing community events, and more.

You can recognize a Shepp in the community Discord (or here on the wiki) by their Shepp.png badge. If you're looking for help with the game, see if these players can point you in the right direction!

Core Values[2]

  • A Passion for Palia
    • A deep dedication to the world of Palia and the Palian community
    • Gameplay Consistency - keeping updated with the growth of the game and lore
  • Lead with your Heart
    • Players may look to you as an example of appropriate behavior in the Palia community. They may ask for help or guidance.
    • If there is ever a moment when you feel uncomfortable helping a player with a dispute or situation, please reach out to a moderator or community team member.
  • Choose Joy
    • Building a beautiful world together takes work.
    • When in doubt, assume good intentions.
  • Honesty and Integrity
    • Shepps are the voices of the community and as such, are trusted and elevated.
    • Shepps are provided with channels to communicate with Singularity 6 that are not available to an average player.
    • We trust that you will remain honest with us - that you will communicate respectfully, but ‘keep it real.’


  • "Shepp" is a Majiri word which is similar to what human society would call a "mentor".