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The General Store is a store on the north side of Kilima Village run by Zeki Profile.png Zeki. It is located between the Tailor and Furniture Store. It can be identified by the horizontal windmill atop its roof.


The General Store sells a variety of basic items, including arrows, smoke bombs, seeds, ingredients for Cooking, fertilizer, and some Flowers.

Upgrades for both the Player's Backpack and Ammo Pouch can be purchased at their respective display tables located inside the store's main room.

Zeki's Wondrous Machine is located on the right side of the main register counter.

Store Inventory

Produit Prix
Makeshift Arrow Makeshift Arrow x5
Gold.png 20
Bombe fumigène standard Bombe fumigène standard x5
Gold.png 20
Box of Chocolates Box of Chocolates Gold.png 200
Worm Worm x5
Gold.png 50
Carrot Seed Carrot Seed Gold.png 15
Onion Seed Onion Seed Gold.png 20
Potato Seed Potato Seed Gold.png 40
Cotton Seed Cotton Seed Gold.png 40
Tomato Plant Seed Tomato Plant Seed Gold.png 80
Wheat Seed Wheat Seed Gold.png 25
Rice Seed Rice Seed Gold.png 23
Corn Seed Corn Seed Gold.png 30
Bok Choy Seed Bok Choy Seed Gold.png 30
Napa Cabbage Seed Napa Cabbage Seed Gold.png 20
Wild Garlic Wild Garlic Gold.png 46
Mountain Morel Mountain Morel Gold.png 22
Spice Sprouts Spice Sprouts Gold.png 46
WeedBlock Fertilizer WeedBlock Fertilizer x20
Gold.png 40
HydratePro Fertilizer HydratePro Fertilizer x20
Gold.png 40
Flour Flour Gold.png 10
Butter Butter Gold.png 40
Egg Egg Gold.png 24
Cooking Oil Cooking Oil Gold.png 20
Vinegar Vinegar Gold.png 200
Milk Milk Gold.png 30
Salt Salt Gold.png 10
Sugar Sugar Gold.png 20
Soy Sauce Soy Sauce Gold.png 40
Sundrop Lily Sundrop Lily Gold.png 22
Crystal Lake Lotus Crystal Lake Lotus Gold.png 46
Sernuk Meat Sernuk Meat Gold.png 32
Chapaa Meat Chapaa Meat Gold.png 30
Fur Fur Gold.png 30
Sernuk Hide Sernuk Hide Gold.png 32
Spicy Pepper Seed Spicy Pepper Seed
  • Jardinage niveau 6 requit
Gold.png 170


Build 0.180:

  • Some prices updated:
    • Wild Garlic: Gold.png 30Gold.png 46
    • Mountain Morel: Gold.png 16Gold.png 22
    • Spice Sprouts: Gold.png 30Gold.png 46
    • Sundrop Lily: Gold.png 20Gold.png 22
    • Crystal Lake Lotus: Gold.png 40Gold.png 46
    • Sernuk Meat: Gold.png 26Gold.png 32
    • Chapaa Meat: Gold.png 26Gold.png 30
    • Fur: Gold.png 26Gold.png 30
    • Sernuk Hide: Gold.png 26Gold.png 32