Cerulean Cicada

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The Cerulean Cicada is an Uncommon bug in Palia.


The call of this cicada is so soothing, it was said to be the inspiration for Ayana's fourth symphony.

–In-Game Item Description

Bug Catching


Cerulean Cicadas can be found attached to medium and large Heartwood trees throughout Bahari Bay between the hours of 3:00 AM - 6:00 PM.


Not to be confused with the Common Bark Cicada, Cerulean Cicadas are slightly larger in size and can be differentiated by their white bodies and light blue wings.

Cerulean Cicadas stick to trees until alerted by player movement or Smoke Bombs, at which time they will begin to flee. Cerulean Cicadas do not stop moving once startled but are relatively slow, meaning players should continue to throw additional Smoke Bombs as needed while the Cerulean Cicada is still flying away.


There is a chance a Cerulean Cicada will grant a Cave Cap Flower Cave Cap Flower when caught.


Starred versions of this bug can be placed as a decor.

Terrarium size: 5x4 (Medium, Rectangular)

Experience from catching Cerulean Cicada counts towards the following accomplishments:


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Cerulean Cicada is not required for any Quests.


Cerulean Cicada is not required for any Bundles.


Update History

Build 0.180:

  • Values changed:
    • Base: Gold.png 60Gold.png 46
    • SQ.png Quality: Gold.png 90Gold.png 69