Elder Sernuk

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For more information, see Sernuk (Species).

The Elder Sernuk is a huntable creature in Palia. It is the uncommon variant of the Sernuk species.


The Elder Sernuk is a deer-like creature with black eyes, light brown body, dark brown back and black legs. Its belly and lower jaw, as well as the area around the eyes, are white. On each side, a bright brown streak separates the adjacent colors.

Additionally, it is crowned with a pair of tall, brown antlers.



When left alone, the Elder Sernuk will be in an idle state, displaying a number of idling behaviors. An idle Elder Sernuk will walk around close to its spawning location, occasionally stopping to bend its head to eat grass, while not actually affecting any foliage around the creature.

When a player enters an Elder Sernuk's attention range or either hits or barely misses it with an arrow, the Elder Sernuk will enter its alarmed or chase state and begin running away from the threat.

In this state, it will keep running, randomly changing direction to avoid players. After a few seconds without detecting any threat, the Elder Sernuk will reset to its idling behavior state, though any damage done to the Sernuk will not reset.


Elder Sernuks have 60 Health and require four hits with Standard Arrows or three hits with Fine Arrows to be felled.





Update History

Build 0.167:

  • In Bahari Bay, several adjustments have been made to the higher-tier Sernuks to make hunting here more rewarding for higher level hunters.
    • ⬆ Increased the amount of Elder Sernuks appearing